Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Little Things: Carrot-cake pudding!

Workout: 20 min interval run + 20 minute core yoga workout

I was very proud of myself this morning because I almost talked myself out of the workout. I only got six hours of sleep but was feeling ok so I did it anyway and I felt good. Up until around 8 am when my body was screaming for caffeine.

Why do I do this to myself? My body needs more sleep!!! Hopefully I'll start learning this lesson! Any tips?

Last weekend I made the mistake of buying a 5lb bag of carrots. It's Tuesday and I think I'm all carrot'ed out!   Thanks Sam's - thanks A LOT! What's a girl to do?

Make some carrot-cake pudding in a jar:

1/4 c pecans
1/4 c raisins
3 roasted carrots, pureed
splash of water
splash of vanilla
dash of cinnamon, optional
2 T chia seeds

I pureed the pecans first, then added reconstituted raisins (raisins + water nuked in the microwave for a minute.). I added the carrots, vanilla and cinnamon and pureed some more. Then mixed in the chia seeds.

It was good! I served it for breakfast over a whole-wheat sandwich thin two day's in a row.

However, I've had carrots in my salad both days. Plus carrots in some egg-rolls I made last night (BTW, did you know you can bake egg-rolls instead of frying them?)

Carrot overload!

Sam's - I love some of your deals, but I'm steering clear of any 5lb bags of produce from now on!

Do you guys suffer from any veggie overload?