Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Work It: 1 mile at a time!

Workout: 1 mile interval run + 30 min walk

Boy oh boy, did I have a 2nd coffee cup craving this afternoon. I almost justified it by telling myself that I'd walk to the coffee store that's across campus. Tricky, tricky some may say. Luckily, I resisted the urge and made myself some tea instead. Go me.

I figure my diet is the only real thing that I can control right now, and I am trying hard.

The workout schedule, I'm way more laid back and take it one mile at a time.

Today, it was exactly that, 1 mile + my walking breaks throughout the day. One of those includes a walk to the mailbox with BB because we all know that toddler needs her exercise. I am so jealous of her energy levels, it's unreal. I used to mock my Mom all the time because she couldn't stay up past 9, now I just wish I was so lucky. Reason #934 that I'm turning into my parents.

Despite the 1+ hour that I was awake in the middle of the night (BBC didn't go back to sleep as he normally does), I snoozed my alarm a couple of times. When I finally awoke, I had enough time to squeeze a mile on the treadmill. I asked RC if it was even worth it - I'm so glad he said yes.

That little 10 minutes of alternating between 5 and 7mph intervals was so much fun. I have to keep on telling myself to just do it - you really do feel so much better afterward.

This is my week's Work It goals:

Thursday: 10 min steady run + 30 min yoga
Friday: total body weights + 30 min yoga
Saturday: 20 min steady run
Sunday: 20 min interval run
Monday: 30 min yoga
Tuesday:20 min steady run + upper body weights
Wednesday: 20 min interval run + lower body weights

In the battle of the snooze vs working out, I'm really going to try this week. Any tips? Wish me luck.

ADios :)


Kimberly said... Best Blogger Tips

Way to go, momma! 1 mile is still a mile and sweat is still sweat. I think you are doing great. (And, P.S., thanks for tea reminder - I'm out!)