Monday, September 7, 2015

MAM: Resolutions


God Love You!

Oh my goodness, what a title for this post. Resolutions. We are almost at the three-quarters mark and I've probably gotten around to getting less than 10% of my resolutions going.

Today I had one of those events where you come up a little shaken. It was nothing big, but just big enough that you know you need to work on trusting our Lord just a little, more like a lot more. Ever have one of those?

The episode below originally aired on 1/5/1999. I was going into my junior year in college, but I honestly can't remember how I spent New Year's that year. Friends, family - that particular year is drawing a blank - aahhh! Oh well. I know I was young and probably looking for love or something like that.

Some of the topics Mother Angelica covers are:

  • How we don't know what God is preparing for us, but He does prepare, for here and the after life
  • Why does God allow these things, like abortion and storms
  • Luke 16 - the demands on the man that showed no sign of repentance
  • How we cannot serve two masters
  • Warning to those who hit their wives and how that's not love at all
  • How do we know suffering has value? She knows because of Jesus. A lot of us think suffering is an evil, but it is not.
  • Dryness when you don't feel like praying/bored/running away from suffering, we must try to love with a pure love and sometimes no consolations can be a good sign!
  • How we must persevere in loneliness, desolation, in your problems even when you think God's not hearing you. He may just be saying no.
  • How every storm passes and they all pass
  • For those that need assurance that God loves you - well you wouldn't be here if He didn't!
It's a really good episode, and so funny too. I hope you watch it - I'm so glad I did!