Tips + Savers

  • Sunday Setup
    • Pre-cut veggies for the entire week or plan ahead for tomorrow's dinner.
      • The following held up well: potatoes, rutabaga, onions, eggplant, squash, brocolli, asparagus, peppers.
      • Only pre-cut if you plan on using them within a couple of days: tomatoes
    • Make breakfast bakes/burritos that you can grab-n-go each morning.
    • Make Salad Cases for your weekly lunches
  • Have a veggie-chopping station - mine is a cutting board directly in front of my fridge and on top of my sliding garbage can.
  • Organize your kitchen to minimize time putting away clean dishes!
  • Plan your menus each week, print them out and store them along with the shopping list for future use.
  • Have a vinegar + water spray bottle - it works wonders to clean things naturally.
  • Have a set of wash cloths where you can use one daily in stead of paper towels. Wash and use the sterilize setting once a week.
House Maintenance
  • Do one load of laundry per night. Hang dry any clothes that don't need to be ironed; only dry those clothes that need to be ironed.
  • Try to clump sets of clothes that are used together (workout gear/baby pajamas + next day's clothing/work outfits)
  • Use a task list (like to organize those maintenance tasks you often forget until it's too late (clean the fridge/drain water filter/clean oven)
  • Save a draft message in you email account with all the credit card contact information in case you should loose your purse.
  • If you're trying to save $$$, for any online purchases that you don't NEED, move that balance directly from your checking to your savings account!