Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Little Things: Wen!

Workout: 30 min weights + 20 min interval run

Yay, doing good on the exercise front and ok on the healthy eating. Our schedules are still a little off, so glad to squeeze this one in :)

Plus, my BB has an ear infection - these are never fun. She didn't have any other symptoms, just grabbing at her ear and a cough that just won't go away. I guess everything is related so we're hoping this round of prescribed antibiotics does the trick!

On to today's little thing: Wen!

Have you heard of Wen hair care? Seen the infomercial? Been tempted to call in the next 30 minutes?

I was!

I did some review research and after reading there may be "impostor" web sites, I bought it from QVC. I was hesitant to try, but this picture did me in.

I figured any soul with three labs could be trusted with my hair!

Here's a quick video on the product I ordered:

Wen Cucumber Aloe Cleansing Conditioner - Video

I've tried it twice and I love the tingly scalp feeling and the scent. My hair feels pretty good, but I'll write up another post after I'm done with the bottle.

Would you try this? Would you let the lab puppies push you into it?


The Salad Case: Picture this!

A day late, me? NEVER! Of course, one might say my motto is "better late than never." I say it's a good motto, so here ya go:

Monday's Workout: 30 min Short Flow for Athletes yoga  + 20 min interval run

So guess what, I got my run on Saturday AND this AM!!! Go me... go me (said in the oh-so-cool hip-hop tone)!!!

I recentlly read this article Olivia Munn's Hilarious Take on Ex-boyfriends and Fat Jeans and it made think of question my own attitudes towards my "fat jeans." Who cares if they haven't been washed in ages, right? Well, I guess Ms. Munn does so she relies on the scale to tell her how she's doing.

I have some marker jeans that tell me whether or not I'm on the right path. I usually don't wear them because when I'm good, they're too loose on me (silent yay) so I guess they don't get washed too much. She may have a point, darn it!

I do weight myself every morning, though. I try not to let the number get to me if it's not on "my side" that morning - but it is a good reminder. For example, it's showing me at 2+ of my "target" weight this week but all my clothes are fitting well.

I blame Halloween and the Salted Caramel Mocha's that I've enjoyed since I met them in SF. Checking in ever morning helps me step back and see if I need to lay off those treats a little bit!

How about you, do you rely on your scale and/or fat jeans to let you know how you're doing?

Oh yea, picture this: 2 salad cases splattered all over the floor. Maybe not such a nice picture, but that is the life when I share it with this guy:

Puppy Abacus! Don't let him fool ya - he's one mean counter surfer who apparently doesn't discriminate against spinach, broccoli and carrots. Luckily he went for the two plastic cases and left the two glass ones alone.

I didn't get to take a snapshot, but here's what was in the mix this week:

  • handfuls of spinach
  • roasted broccoli and carrots
  • 1/4 cup crispy garbanzo beans
Not my most savory, but it'll do this week :) Have a good one bloggies!!


Friday, November 4, 2011

Hey Dude: All Star Ed.

Workout: none :(

Hey Dude, I'll say it before and I'll say it again:

You know you're old when the oldies radio station starts playing songs that came out when you were in your teens!

Seriously, when did this song become an oldie?

When? I ask. When did they start playing my music on the oldies station???

I actually hadn't seen the video in so long, I completely forgot that it was on the Mystery Men sound track! I haven't seen that movie in so long. I was actually a junior in college when it came out, but I probably saw it sometime later because I was too busy salsa dancing my junior year to go to any movies! Good times!

Have you seen this movie? Have a favorite super hero? I do believe my favorite one was The Spleen [aka Pee-Wee Herman]! He was hilarious!

Check this out for some of the most memorable lines. You'll have a fun time!

Any plans for this weekend? I'm so looking forward to it because:

  1. Daylight Savings Time is this Sunday - an extra hour of glorious sleep!!!
  2. Neighborhood BBQ should be fun
  3. We get to relax from the hectic work schedule this week :)
  4. I'm planning at least one cardio session this weekend!

To quote the The Blue Raja:

May the forks be with us!

ADios :)

A Natter: Rico Suave!

Workout: 20 min interval run + 20 min yoga session

Friend: "I've been trying to cook all my meals on the weekend!"
Me: "That's a really good idea"
Friend: "Yea, we have different schedules sometimes and he [the husband] won't cook until I'm home."
Me: "Wow"
Friend: "Yea, and it's not like we don't have anything to make. He just likes to wait til I come home, he's all into that emotional crap"
Me: "Yea, you and RC should hang out - you'd be bffs!"
Friend: "Why"
Me: "His friends at work came up with 'funny' lines about their relationships; his contribution, 'You knew what you were getting into, I ain't no Rico Suave'"

So yes my bloggie friends, I did not married no Rico Suave!

We always kid because RC is not very vocal about his emotions, he prefers to "show me" through all the stuff he does for me. He does do A LOT, so I can't really complain and feel very blessed to have a non-Rico Suave in my life :)

How about you, is your SO a Rico Suave type or more of an "actions speak louder than words" type?

One of today's "actions" involved letting me use the treadmill while he went running outside - what a fella!

So my workout week looked like:

M: 20 min yoga
T: nothing :(
W: 25 min weights
Th: 20 min cardio run
F: nothing :(

I'm going to have to get at least one cardio session in this weekend, so I'm going in with that mindset.

On a good note, I did meet my goal for the week in November's Viva La Resistance Challenge. Go sign up if you haven't  already :)


Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Work It: Fast!

Workout: 25 min weight session

Turns out RC's work schedule is in reality a non-schedule. I hate these times cause it turns everything upside down and inside out!

Remember how I said I couldn't get myself to sleep early enough, well I take it all back. Having to stay up past 11 has been terrible, and it's only Wednesday!

The good thing is my wonderful RC has volunteered to take the BB to daycare so I can "work-out" after enjoying an extra half-hour of sleep. If only I could actually get up in time, though.

Instead, I squeezed in a 20-minute core workout yoga session on Monday and a fast-paced 25-minute weights session this morning.

I know I walk a lot, but I really need to get in an interval session PRONTO! How do you squeeze in exercise time when you think there's no time?

On to this week's salad case - which was a TOTAL FAIL!

That's right, it was so bad I had to empty the contents and pick up some brown-rice sushi at school! I guess it's the newest fad in the student cafeteria, and it's actually quite good. What are some of your surprisingly good and convenient foods?

I also scored some green mango tea from Ross, I think they discontinued this flavor so I will be enjoying these bags while I can :)

Off to work bloggies, have a good one!