Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Work It: Fast!

Workout: 25 min weight session

Turns out RC's work schedule is in reality a non-schedule. I hate these times cause it turns everything upside down and inside out!

Remember how I said I couldn't get myself to sleep early enough, well I take it all back. Having to stay up past 11 has been terrible, and it's only Wednesday!

The good thing is my wonderful RC has volunteered to take the BB to daycare so I can "work-out" after enjoying an extra half-hour of sleep. If only I could actually get up in time, though.

Instead, I squeezed in a 20-minute core workout yoga session on Monday and a fast-paced 25-minute weights session this morning.

I know I walk a lot, but I really need to get in an interval session PRONTO! How do you squeeze in exercise time when you think there's no time?

On to this week's salad case - which was a TOTAL FAIL!

That's right, it was so bad I had to empty the contents and pick up some brown-rice sushi at school! I guess it's the newest fad in the student cafeteria, and it's actually quite good. What are some of your surprisingly good and convenient foods?

I also scored some green mango tea from Ross, I think they discontinued this flavor so I will be enjoying these bags while I can :)

Off to work bloggies, have a good one!