Friday, October 28, 2011

Hey Dude Fridays!

Workout: 30 min weight session

So yes, being a creature of habit - I did NOT work out on Thursday :(

I can also go by the name Winnie these days, as it seems the jar of honey roasted almond butter has taken a severe hit. It's my kryptonite, what can I say - what's yours?

Despite all this, and the fact that I stayed up way too late watching the World Series game that did NOT go my way, I was so happy I actually got up and worked out this AM! I may not have gotten the interval run in, but I felt good :)

I had the TV on, secretly hoping to find something good to watch so I could stay up even later (I know - bad me) I caught the last minutes of this little gem:

Hey Dude!

I know, it totally ages me - but I used to love that show! I would always watch it during the summer when my parents would splurge and order us some cable! I was the queen of VCR programming during those summers, let me tell ya! Why didn't I think of inventing the DVR?

I thought Ted was dreamy!

I can't remember if I wanted him to "romance" Brad,

or go for Melody?

BTW, I must confess - I rocked this bang look for a couple of years.

Me + Aqua Net = good times!

It WAS God's gift to bangs, all the way into the early 90s!

Reminiscing about these times made me think of making Friday's "Hey Dude Friday's". I'll just pick something at random from the past and write about even more random things like how I picked up hair and style tips from the Bar None Dude Ranch lovely ladies!

I must also confess, I tried to record the series on my DVR - but I wasn't quite quick enough to do it before it disappeared from the menu!!! Don't you hate it when that happens?

Did you ever watch this show? If so, where you team Brad or team Melody?

Have a great weekend!



Kristen - Anywhere There's An Airport said... Best Blogger Tips

I LOVED Hey Dude! What I wouldn't give to be able to watch it here in Madrid. We have the Simpson, Fresh Prince and Friends... but Hey Dude! Now that would make my day!

cynthiasolc said... Best Blogger Tips

@Kristen - Anywhere There's An Airport

I know right - that show was awesome!

I wonder if they have it on hulu?