Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Work It Out: baby steps!

Workout: 55 min Cross Training for Athletes Yoga

In an effort to meet my goal of working out M-F this week, I set up the following plan:

M: 30-35 min yoga + interval run
T: 30 min weights + interval run
W: 60 min yoga
Th: 30 min weights + interval run
F: 30 min weights + interval run

I thought the longer yoga session might give me a bit more motivation to get up and go on Thursday - I'll let you know how it goes tomorrow ;)

The workout today was really good, I just love the way yoga makes you feel strong :) Are you a wannabe yogi like me?

When I went to San Francisco, a couple of girls actually went outside of the lululemon store to practice yoga. The weather was beautiful, but it was downtown SF which is not the cleanest place in the world. I loved how they knew enough to go out there and just do it, not sure I would really like an audience though. Would you?

My BB on the other hand, she loves an audience - specially now that she's taking her first baby steps!!! I'm so blessed :)

ADios :)