Monday, December 10, 2018

MAM: Spiritual Blindness


God love you!

This Monday I am blessed sitting here typing away on my pc while EAC plays with her Sesame Street casita. I'm not working yet so I plan to enjoy this time I have with her, every single second.

This week I'm sharing Mother Angelica's episode on Spiritual Blindness. Like all her episodes, it's a good one.

Some of the topics she covered:

  • to fight for Our Mother the Church with zeal!
  • she asks us to refect on whether we may have a spiritual blind spot
  • reads and reflects on John 9 - Jesus heals the blind man from birth (I absolutely love how she reads the Bible and ponders on each verse.)
  • Jesus was humility itself
  • when you believe in the truth, there is no common ground with the unbelievers
  • we need a Call to Holiness
  • she takes a call about suffering from melancholy
  • we need to ask Our Lord to give us a deep understanding of how much He loves us - so much beauty, peace and hope comes from believing that we are loved by Him

On a personal level, when things get bad I know it's a gift to feel His love. I pray you can share that love with someone today, to let them know Jesus loves them!