Tuesday, December 8, 2015

MAM: Immaculate Conception


God Love You!


I know I have not posted in forever, but it gets real and busy most of the time and I'm so grateful for it all.

I've had this post on draft for a couple of months and as providence would have it, I get to post about it today - on the Feast of the Immaculate Conception.

Here are some of the highlights Mother Angelica goes into:

  • For us to TRY to grasp the wonder of Mary
  • The Pieta and the degree of love in that piece
  • The awesomeness of our creation and how we're not awe struck at the wonder of God!
  • The hunger for God
  • The hunger to adore our Lady
  • The hunger for Holy Days of Obligation
  • Better to die with your boots on, than to have to face the Lord and say "I was too tired"
  • Get your soul in order - confession!
  • She takes a call about infertility

As I was reading this list, the hunger for Holy Days of Obligation jumped up out at me - the thought that we need to feel obligated to do something at times. How we sense a feeling of love when others expect something from us.

I see it in my daughter, when she asks me if it's seven yet. We have a rule that says "no Ipad after seven." She doesn't watch the Ipad often, but when she does she is somehow comforted in knowing that I have set some rules for her - for her own good.

So if you can, try your hardest to make it to Mass today!