Sunday, October 25, 2015

The Sunday Plan: Amazing Grace


God love you!

So I believe it was last week that I wanted to start posting the song that spoke to me most during Mass. As it happens with me often, I never got around to actually writing that post but I kept thinking about it throughout the week.

This week, it just happened that the song the 10 am choir chose to sing was "Amazing Grace." Good one God!

I know there are many renditions that will just bring you to your knees. This rendition, however was made more special by the elderly man who I had the pleasure to sit next to. His voice was so soft and worn and he sang each word with such meaning, with such love. I just couldn't help it, I cried - it doesn't take much these days.

It turns out it was his birthday, too. I wanted to tell him that I hope my children grow up to sing like that one day. I wanted to tell him that he did his Mama proud that day and to keep singing like that every day of his life. Sometimes, when I want to say things like this to someone I know no longer has a Mama this side of heaven, it almost makes me feel like I'm talking to my BBC. Don't ask me why, it just does. A lump in my throat and a few tears, and I didn't tell him - so I'm telling you instead.

The cool thing, though is that in my "research" for this post, and by "research" I mean the "Amazing Grace" Wiki page, I learned all about John Newton's amazing conversion and how he came to believe God had begun to work through him. I learned that his conversion, like mine and many others is a day to day thing. God is constantly calling us back to Him.

I also learned that Mr. Newton had been reading The Christian's Pattern, a summary of the 15th-century The Imitation of Christ by Thomas à Kempis. That is just amazing! The same book that sits on my table and never finished. I must change this.

The video below says it is the best version by far which I think is a crazy claim seeing as how it's estimated that it's performed over 10 million times annually. As for me, I'll never forget the rendition by the man sitting next to me!

What's your favorite rendition?

In keeping with the Sunday plan posts, I'm going to be posting my workout plan for the week. It'll be a good way to keep me accountable and to hopefully remind you to get that body moving!!!

Monday: ripped-with-hiit-hiit-circuit-upper-body
Tuesday: ripped-with-hiit-hiit-circuit-lower-body
Wednesday: ripped-with-hiit-plyo-hiit-one + ripped-with-hiit-bonus-abs-one
Thursday: ripped-with-hiit-lift-it-hit-it-back-biceps-shoulders
Friday: ripped-with-hiit-lift-it-hiit-it-legs


Friday, October 9, 2015

7QTF: Only in El Paso

--- 1 ---

God Love You!

This, OMG, this possibility:

He may come to visit Cd. Juarez, according to this article. In a city that has seen so much violence, this would just be awesome - so pray that he makes it out there!

--- 2 ---

I've been to two of these missions and they are just beautiful and so full of love! I know, living here - I take them for granted so I must make it a point to go visit them soon.

I'm always in awe when I walk into any Mission. I wonder how many people walked through those doors? How many were suffering or angry? How many were forced? How many felt God's love?

It amazes that people chose to leave the comforts of their own home and community to brave a new world just to bring God's love to others. Wow.

--- 3 ---

BB: "Hey, you missed a page." She's convinced I skip pages in her bedtime story so she just has to wrestle the book away to make sure.

--- 4 ---

BBC: The Compassionate Friends "Walk to Remember" is this weekend. There are so many emotions in this last sentence so I will leave it at that.

--- 5 ---

NCC: Walking all over the place and playing with his plastic yellow ball, he laughs each time it hits his tummy - that is, when he's not getting ear infections!

--- 6 ---

The Doggies: missing my little Dulci - praying she's playing up at Rainbow Bridge. I miss her little nails on the wood - always by my side.

--- 7 ---
I just found this song and thought the video was too cute not to share. Try not to picture me dancing to this song at work, it's hilarious - I have no rhythm!

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