Sunday, November 11, 2012

The Sunday Plan: Winning Combo

Workout: 30 min walk with the fam!

I'm tired, so so tired! The show must go on though, the dinner planning show that is.

Last week's Sunday Plan actually went well during the week and the meals came together fairly easily, I can't say enough good things about the Spaghetti Carbonara too! This was good, real good! As the BB's transition into toddler bed woes were on my mind, I needed all the extra time I could buy!

Also, this is a winning combination in your kitchen if you have a toddler and you're trying to make/clean-up after a meal:

kids stool + tea sets + dish soap bubbles

Plus, any random kitchen utensils you can hand the said toddler to play with are gold!

Hopefully this plan will also unfold just as nicely :)

  1. CrockPot Sundays: Crockpot Chicken Pasta
  2. Panini Mondays: Double Bean Burger Patty Melts
  3. Surfin Tuesdays: Shrimp Stir-fry
  4. Sghetti Wednesdays: Pumpkin Parmesan pasta
  5. TacoOrRice Thursdays: Santa Fe Casserole (Remix)
  6. Pizza Fridays: Cheese
  7. Savory Saturday Breakfast: Eggs + potatoes
  8. Sweet Sunday Breakfast: Pumpkin Spice pancakes
  9. Breakfast Savor of the week: pb + jam
  10. Salad Case: stir-fry + walnuts
  11. Smoothie: yogurt + blueberries
  • Produce Isle
    • mushrooms
    • onions
    • carrots
    • celery
    • bell peppers
    • avocado
    • garlic
    • spinach
    • bananas
    • apples
    • fruit (on sale)
  • Staples Isle
    • bread
    • baglethins
    • tortillas
    • brown rice
    • pasta
    • beans
    • canned pumpkin
  • Dairy Isle
    • shredded cheese
    • parmesan cheese
    • butter
    • cream cheese
    • yogurt
  • Protein Isle
    • chicken
    • eggs
    • salmon
    • roast turkey
  • Frozen Isle
    • blueberries
    • veggy stifry

ADios :)

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

WorkIt: Not so much?

Workout: 30 min Super Lunge Vinyasa Flow

As my co-worker put it so lovingly, "Wow, you really popped out!"

Yes folks, the bump has popped out! I'm very blessed to have a growing baby who is very very active and let's me know it!

The work-outs continue and I absolutely love pumping iron at the gym. SO.MUCH.FUN!

However, that growing bump is leaving me winded a bit more, I'm generally walking much much slower and am getting up once or twice in the middle of the night. Not to mention the staring at the gym has picked up quite a bit. All that, coupled with the time change has got me thinking maybe it's time to give up the gym weights sessions.

Ay-ay-ay - so let me tell ya more about this time change!!! I'm usually a big fan of the big Fall Backwards time change, this year - not so much.

The BB has had it with her sleep slack and can now climb out of  her crib so we are going through a transitional stage into her toddler bed. Some nights are good, some not so good.

Since there's been nights where it's taken 1+ hr of having to continually put her back in her bed (while trying to ignore the non-ending screaming) we decided to not adjust the time for starting her bedtime routine. That means, her bath starts at 7 and we can hopefully get her to sleep before 8:30. Yesterday, it was 9.

With my current work schedule, that means I get off work around 4:30 and we don't get home til 5ish. Straight to making dinner then that only leaves us an hour of playtime.

Everything just seems so rushed, I've decided to suck-it-up and wake up a bit earlier to get my yoga on. I'll also be moving my weights into the family room to get in some reps while I can during play time. I figure, every little bit helps and it'll be good for BB to see me working out some.

For now, here's the WorkIt plan:

M: yoga + weights
T: yoga + swim
W: yoga + weights
Th: yoga + swim
F: yoga
S: long walk
Su: long walk

I also bought and am hoping to add 30 minutes of active playtime to our routine after we get home from work.

I'm hoping this will be a fun activity and help get some of her energy out and maybe give me a kick-start as well!

How do you fit in exercise?

ADios :)

Sunday, November 4, 2012

The Sunday Plan: Carbornara!

Workout: 30 min walk with the fam!

So, in trying to get my shopping lists ready to have before BB#2 arrives, I'm writing this post sometime in the previous week and documenting what the plan was.

I'm actually really looking forward to the Spaghetti Carbonara, I never knew you could make a sauce quite like that. Who knew? Let's just hope the spaghetti is hot enough to cook those eggs - I hate getting anyone sick.

Ever cause any food poisoning? I'm pretty sure I've gotten RC sick with under-cooked chicken once (maybe twice). That's why I'm really hesistant to cook any type of chicken that is not boiled or stir-fried - I actually just don't like cooking it. I will try this week though (which for you, is really last week). Wish me luck :) - maybe wish RC luck since he's the only one that's gotten sick.
  1. CrockPot Sundays: Creamy Chicken Soup
  2. Panini Mondays: Cheddar/Avocado + Leftover Soup
  3. Surfin Tuesdays: Salmon + sweet potato baked fries
  4. Sghetti Wednesdays: Spaguetti Carbonara
  5. TacoOrRice Thursdays: brown rice + lentils + bell peppers w/ acorn squash
  6. Pizza Fridays: Cheese
  7. Savory Saturday Breakfast: Eggs + bacon
  8. Sweet Sunday Breakfast: Bacon
  9. Breakfast Savor of the week: Eggs + Cheese
  10. Salad Case: tomato + mex squash + bell pepper + spinach stir-fry + cashews
  11. Smoothie: yogurt + blueberries
  • Produce Isle
    • potato
    • onions
    • carrots
    • celery
    • avocado
    • shredded cabbage
    • sweet potatos
    • acorn squash
    • bell peppers
    • garlic
    • spinach
    • bananas
    • apples
    • fruit (on sale)
  • Staples Isle
    • bread
    • tortillas
    • rice
    • pasta
    • lentils
    • yeast
    • pizza sauce
  • Dairy Isle
    • shredded cheese
    • parmesan cheese
    • cheddar cheese
    • yogurt
  • Protein Isle
    • chicken
    • eggs
    • salmon
    • bacon
  • Frozen Isle
    • blueberries

ADios :)

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Mommy Needs Coffee: Toddler Talk

Workout: 30 min swim

Sooo, last week was one of those feels-like-I'm-a-single-parent weeks because RC had a crazy work schedule. Yes, fun times and in a non-sarcastic way - they really are fun times. It just takes some reminding sometimes.

I also ended up only getting one swim in plus the walks, but that was it for the entire week. I was tired. However, I keep having to remind myself that tired begets tired, and not exercising for me makes me even more tired, so this week - two workouts under my belt. Yay!!!

Now, for some coffee ...

and some book talk.

I kind of got into a reading rut and finally got through a couple of books that prompted me to clear out my Nook library. So glad I did. It made me realize that I had ordered this sample, but never actually read it.

I can't complain too much about the BB, but she is definitely testing us right now. As much as I have this thing against reading self-help books, I'm actually ok with reading baby-help books. In my mind, I need all the help I can get.

I haven't gotten too far on this book, but will post a full review later (or eventually). However, in the short couple of chapters I've read I kind of feel more empowered as a parent. It's a strange thing to say, but I do.

I had forgotten one of the most important lessons I learned from "Secrets of the Baby Whisperer," here's my oh so wonderful review, which is to really treat your child as their own person.

This has led to a very subtle change in dealing with her, really. Here are some examples:

  • I try to be more courteous and ask her before we do anything like change her or put on her jacket.
  • I am trying to wait and ask if she needs help with certain tasks instead of rushing and doing things for her. This one is tough for me, I must say.
  • I also have to remind her to use her words whenever she starts getting angry or frustrated.

One of the biggest issues I had was trying to rush home and get dinner on the table while trying to keep her from asking me to hold her half of the time. Things are slightly better now, I try to do most of the prep work after her bed time (lifesaver!!!) and we try to spend some time outside playing before actually starting dinner. I also try to include her in the meal-making process. She's now a fan of sitting on the counter and having her own spoon to stir with.

Are you a fan of baby/toddler-help books? Got any suggestions?

ADios :)

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Saturday Snapshot: Chalk-the-Block!

Workout: 30 min walk + chasing of the toddler!

This past weekend was jam-packed and so much fun, we feel so blessed.

Take these lovely strangers, whom my BB picked up at the local Chalk the Block festival this weekend and handed them some chalk!

Then inspected their chalk-coloring skillz! Future manager on our hands, maybe?

Not pictured here, there was also a Luminarium Mirazozo (a "calming balloon" that you walk through and hang out in), people on stilts (I never know how they do it) and some cool street vendors.

It was a fun event that everyone got into!

What's the most random festival you've attended?

ADios :)

Friday, October 19, 2012

Taco Thursdays: leftovers!

Workout: 20 min yoga + 25 min swim

Yayyyy, today's swim was G'rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreat - if I do say so myself. As you know, I'm slow at both running and swimming (go me) but I love the fact that I can be pregnant and actually do some "speed" work. That feeling never gets old and I am missing running right about .... NOW!

Now, my "speed" work is probably more like a regular person swimming but it makes the work-out so much fun and it just flew by. I also make sure to keep it easy and not over-exert myself, but that's where listening to your body really pays off.

Actually, I think I'm making the weight's guy at my gym nervous. He came over while I was working on those squats yesterday and asked when I was do. How I was feeling and if my doctor was ok with my workouts?

I told him my doctor was fine with me working out as long as I kept the weights light (which I do) and don't over do it.  I try to do both of those things but I don't think he's seen many pregnant women pumping iron, I'm sure I must be a sight!

If you've been pregnant before and worked out, did you ever experience anything similar?

Also, there were no tacos today. In fact, it was one of those rare weeks that for some reason, a crock-pot full of soup served us for 3 days. It was heavenly :)

ADios :)

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Mommy Needs Coffee: Hot water + Dates!

Workout: 20 min yoga + 20 min swim

Another day, another BB breakdown at the daycare. Fun times!

This one wasn't so bad and the 20 min swim got me feeling better about the whole situation, I just have to take it one breakdown at a time. Plus, after a month or so of cold showers at the gym, we got our hot water back. 'Twas glorious!

But today I wish I could have more than one of these:

I'm just so tired, I think I may be trying to fight a cold and hopefully I will :) Hello sinus cleaning, honey and oranges!

I know yesterday's blog was more of the Mommy Needs Coffee variety and it was such a bummer, too! Thanks for listening and the kind words - it helps to know I'm not the only one going through it and I  wholeheartedly agree that:

me+a workout > me-a workout

Plus, after reading Three Surprising Tips for an Easier Labor it gave me more motivation to continue my strength training plan. Squatting and lunges are some of my "favorite" exercises and it's good to know it may help on that whole upcoming labor thing.

I'm also definitely going to make sleeping a priority, it just gets so hard once the belly is in full bloom - and IT is! I've been averaging anywhere from 6-7 of sleep but the middle of the night wake-ups have started so my new goal is to be in bed by 10. Maybe if I write it and repeat it enough it will come true!

Also, note to self: stock up on dates this weekend. Apparently, having 6 dates a day can lead to an easier labor. Sign.Me.Up.Please! Not knowingly, it's a good thing I made some date+pumpkin whole-wheat bread this weekend so I'm on the right path. I just need to start planning my date shakes and date oatmeal concoctions.

Are you a date fan? Favorite recipes? Random easier labor tips you swear by?

ADios :)

Monday, October 15, 2012

The Salad Case: Pricey?

Workout: 30 min walk + 30 min weights

Today was one of those days where I dropped the BB off and left her crying. I HATE those days!

My entire days has been painted by that feeling of failure I get sometimes when it seems I can't do anything right. Ever get that feeling?

I so wish I could stay at home and get to spend more time with her, but that's just not in the cards right now.

I don't want to get too deep here, but it just made me start thinking (among other things) about the price we pay to lead a healthy lifestyle.

I'll be honest, I still feel guilty I'm taking an extra hour to work out while she's in daycare. Right now, my decision to do so has more to do with prepping for labor (which ohMyGosh is coming up so so fast) than to fit into my "goal" jeans (because I have no "goal" jeans right now).

The yoga, swimming and strength-training are helping me get through this third-trimester and I'm so glad. Still, I wonder if I'm focusing too much on the workouts because I'm still eating a wee-bit too much sugar? Or getting to bed too late to be able to wake up at 5 and work out at home?

I've been thinking about this for a while. Every time I reach for a fun-size Snickers bar, or order a mini-Pumpkin Blizzard (you have to order this - oh so good - but maybe don't) I wonder if I'm un-doing all that work that goes into planning and prepping healthy meals not to mention all those workouts.

Do you guys ever have such thoughts? Does it ever impact your future decisions? 

ADios :)

Sunday, October 14, 2012

The Sunday Plan: Updated?

Workout: long walk with the family

So... I've been good about menu planning (a bit), but bad about packing it to work. As a result, $$$ down the drain. This week, I work on that! 

Below is the plan, but on Monday I plan to take some veggies/bread snacks that I can prep at work in case I don't prep at home the night before.

Also, I've been going a little crazy on the squash (on sale + me likey) but it's worked out well. I can bake them all on Sunday and they are ready to go on their respective nights!


  1. CrockPot Sundays: Pork Stew
  2. Panini Mondays: Brie + apples + acorn squash
  3. Surfin Tuesdays: Salmon patties + spaguetti squash
  4. Sghetti Wednesdays: Butternut squash fettuccini
  5. TacoOrRice Thursdays: Paella
  6. Pizza Fridays: Garlic + spinach
  7. Savory Saturday Breakfast: Bean Burritos
  8. Sweet Sunday Breakfast: Pumpkin Bake
  9. Breakfast Savor of the week: Eggs + Cheese
  10. Salad Case: Spinach + Greek + hummus
  11. Smoothie: yogurt + blueberries
  • Produce Isle
    • acorn squash
    • spaghetti squash
    • butternut squash
    • bell peppers
    • potato
    • onions
    • celery
    • cilantro
    • garlic
    • spinach
    • bananas
    • apples
    • fruit (on sale)
  • Staples Isle
    • bread
    • tortillas
    • rice
    • pasta
    • canned artichoke hearts
    • yeast
  • Dairy Isle
    • shredded cheese
    • parmesan cheese
    • brie cheese
    • yogurt
  • Protein Isle
    • pork
    • eggs
    • canned salmon
    • hummus
    • chorizo
  • Frozen Isle
    • veggies
    • blueberries
    • pizza
When was the last time you partied like it was your b-day?

ADios :)

Friday, October 12, 2012

Flashback Fridays: Songbird

Workout: 30 min weights + 30 min walk

Ok, I know - I'm terrible at being consistent (that probably goes with everything) and I'm sure you've figured it out by now. What gets me is, when did we get to mid-October?

At least there was a much-needed break to good ol' San Diego!

With some quality family time at the beach with our little munchkin! Can you believe she is already 3 ft tall??? Again, when did that happen?

Plus, we've been taking in the Fall and all it has to offer - including more sugar than I'd like to admit. I am also proud to say that I've kept up with the swimming (yay) and strength-training at the gym. We've also been walking it up as a family since my 2-yr old refuses to stay in her stroller after her cheerios are gone from her her snack cup.

We're also blessed because the pregnancy has been going well, but I've been dodging that gestational diabetes test like there's no tomorrow - talk about giving sugar a bad rap! Why can't they just let you bring in a nice Pumpkin Latte from Starbucks?

I was looking through my drafts and it turns out it's been quite a while since I posted on a Friday. The below is actually an old draft that I had prepared and scheduled to publish back in April!!! However, I just realized (I think) that you still have to hit the Publish button for it to publish at the time you schedule a post. Yes, I know - here I thought I was tech savvy! So here you go, a 6-month old Flashback Friday post!

What were you up to 6 months ago?


...speaking of music, I read this article about the cast of Glee getting 200 records on the Billboard charts. Crazy, huh? Although I am a GleeK I obviously don't think they should be considered to be in the same group as the Beatles or Madonna.

Also, I was actually surprised that despite the iTunes phenomenon of the show, it's ratings aren't that strong. I'm all about the music and the Finn + Rachel high school romance but I do think the show can get a little "preachy" from time-to-time.

Glee has however introduced me to some good music, including the Rumors sound track.

I immediately downloaded it the next day after the "Rumors" episode aired and have been known to play it non-stop on certain days. "Songbird" being my favorite song from the album.

There's lots of music that I absolutely love and I wonder if my BB will share my opinions. I'm a big Beatles  and Juan Gabriel (I know, totally different) fan because of my parents and have picked out some other music along the way. But if you really think about it, there's so much good music out there that I probably have never heard of or ever will.

Have any recommendations?

ADios :)

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Mommy Needs Coffee Tuesdays: Friends!

Workout: 25-min Super Lunge yoga flow + 25 min swim

It seems there is a conspiracy out there to keep me from swimming at the gym, or at least try to. Last week, I forgot my ID (again, shocker!) and ended up being two hours late to work WITHOUT a swim in the pool. I don't even want to get into that one!

This week, a note on the gym shower that read, "Sorry for the incovenience... blah, blah, hot water...blah, blah, blah..."

After some serious thought, I went through with the cold shower after my swim. Good choice, but they'll hopefully have this situation resolved before Thursday. After realizing that (in my hurry of getting the heck out of the shower), I had failed to get all the shampoo out of my hair, I was scarred. I'm not sure I could knowingly do it all over again. Do you fancy cold showers?

Now, for some of this:

and The Challenge of Making Friends as an Adult. I'm really not sure if I've already posted this article, but I remembered it after catching this video:

Mine should be like, "why I can't make mom friends on my side of town, that have kids my BB's age, and share the same nap schedules, and don't give me the side-eye cause I don't do everything the blonde mom in this video does, and have the same work schedule as I do so that we can go to the gym together." Is it too much to ask for, I mean really?

I mean, I know it's hard to make friends, it's hard to make couple friends too, but trying to coordinate friends that have kids is even tougher.

At my BB's birthday party, I got to see some of my friends come together and we got to see the kiddos have fun. At the same time, it made me realize how long it had been since I'd seen them and then feel a bit bad because I couldn't spend more than 5 minutes talking to them. Time just goes by too fast.

One of my goals this Fall is to set up some play-dates with the friends I already do have, even if it means driving across town to see them. I also tried to join a meetup group, but haven't heard back from them.

If you're older, how do you handle making/maintaining friends?

ADios :)

Monday, September 17, 2012

The Salad Case: A Real One!

Workout: 20 min yoga + 30 min weights + 20ish min walking

Ok, to say that the last couple of weeks has been a descent into sugarland is an understatement. It's been accompanied by my lack of focus and disregard for needed sleep. Seriously, one week of no-sugar threw me into the wasteland and I need to pull myself out!

I have been working out at the gym, but kind of back to my pre-gym goals level since I haven't been taking advantage of the 6AM hour. That seriously changes this week, take a look at my goals:

I had the weirdest upper back pain this weekend and "google-learned" that it could be a pinched nerve due to the baby pushing up my rib cage. I will talk to my chiropractor about it this week, but doing some yoga stretches and icing it really helped me.

It made me realize how much I need yoga in my life and I'm really going to make it a priority during that 6AM hour, even if it's only for 20 minutes! I had originally planned to get some more walking cardio in, but I figure with the swimming and the long walks on the weekends I'm covered. I just need to keep up with my walking breaks during work.

Another thing I'll be working on is the NO-SUGAR ADDED days. I really need to focus on this. Sugar is a slippery slope for me and I need to watch it. I'll take it one day at a time and hopefully that will help :)

Plus, guess what - it looks like I've turned a "corner" and can add these babies back in.

I'm not doing the warm salad cases just yet, but I figure this is something :)

In the mix today:
  • romaine lettuce mix
  • cucumbers
  • baby carrots
  • olives
  • hummus
  • dressing I luv:
    • 2 parts canola oil
    • 1 part rice vinegar
    • dash of flaxseed
I paired it with half a pita bread, I need my carbs. I have NO idea how some friends can go without any carbs for their lunch salads!

How are you making this week healthier?

ADios :)

Monday, September 10, 2012

Taco Thursday: Unofficial?

Workout: 20 min yoga + 30 min swim

A couple of days late, but oh well :)

I know the title, but officially - this morning - "ay-ay-ay." You can quote me on that too!

After a fun night...

comes a not so fun wake-up time. I was able to get in a 20 min prenatal yoga session and truly, I'm amazed at how connected to your body yoga makes you feel, but I digress.

Afterwards, I got ready for my scheduled swim this AM, with my bathing suit outfit and my pre-conditioned hair in all it's glory I headed out the door - straight into TRAFFIC.

NoteToSelf: check traffic before heading out the door.

As soon as I got on, I knew I made a fatal mistake. There's a little path that other cars were taking to get off the freeway, I never follow, but a screaming toddler made me do it.

Like everyone else, I schemed and plotted and went several different ways. Each time, each.single.time, I was faced with the same traffic. Everywhere.

After 30 minutes of just driving around, I decided to just let BB play at McDonalds and wait it out. Wonderful plan, if I had remembered to bring my wallet (which I left at work because I figured it was safer than taking it to the gym yesterday because I forgot my lock). Then, trying to sneak in to a blocked play gym area, I realized I might as well head back into traffic.

A screaming child and another u-turn later, I got back on the slow freeway only to hear my DJ start talking about the horrors of I-10 and how people have been stuck for over an hour.

Yay me.

It was such a blessing that 10 minutes later I had cleared the accident site and my BB was going to make it in time for her breakfast.

After all that, I figured I was late so might as well take some comp time and get my swim on. 'Twas a good choice.

However, as I was getting ready it was clouded by the realization that I failed to pack my bra and yes - that I am indeed very PREGNANT.

Oh, sure, maybe Albertson's sells bra's? Or maybe Target? Oh wait, didn't I just remember that I forgot my wallet at work.

I wasn't prepared to go home and head back into more traffic, so I embraced my lovely sweater at work, and I was lucky enough to do a lot of sitting. Yet another reason why being a programmer and days with no meetings truly do rock!

After all that, and that was A LOT, we got some unofficial good news and we will unofficially celebrate tonight!

What's your worst stuck-in-traffic study?
Ever forget to bring something to the gym?

ADios :)

Thursday, September 6, 2012

WorkIt: Sugar Fueled

Workout: 25 min walk + 25 min weights

After this little proclamation, I was feeling high and mighty. That lasted about a week. Despite feeling great and eating cleanly and in control, sugar found it's way back.

It started with the BB's b-day party planning. A chocolate from the goodie bags, here. A taste of the dinosaur cookies, there. Some of the cool-whip dessert here, and a lot of the birthday cake over there.


After three days of not the most spectacular food choices, my body had enough. It cried out to me and I had a salad for dinner on Sunday. It was glorious. It's funny how greens can sometimes make you feel G'rrreat. Take that Tony the Tiger!

This week has been a lot better, but giving up on those sugar cravings is never any fun. I saw the below this week and thought, yes this could help.

I won't lie, it wasn't much help after the day I had yesterday. The BB was NOT a happy camper (all day) and I needed that Reese's peanut butter cup at the end of the day.

Sometimes, you just gotta give in and move on - or so I tell myself. Today is a new day, right?

How do you handle sugar cravings?

ADios :)

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Mommy Needs Coffee Tuesdays: and a reality check!

Workout: 25 min pre-natal yoga + 20 min swim

Today's workout came courtesy of an awesome gal at our gym, despite her formal escort to the pool locker room. You see, she felt bad for my lack of school ID and the predicament I was in - having to go back home into traffic to get ready.

I guess they're a lot stricter when checking gym IDs now, they can't just look you up in the system. Lesson learned.

I managed to get in a sneaky 20 min swim and some glorious 16 laps (guess what, I'm also a slow swimmer - SHOCKER). I don't care, it was worth every minute of it :)

Now, for some of this:

Believe me,  I need it. I'm still recovering from my 2-year old's BB's party.

It was such a blessed event and we are forever grateful to God.

It was soooo much fun.
It was sooooo much work.
I'm tired.
RC's tired.
BB's tired.
I tried to take all the pics I could cause I'm pretty sure BB will not remember it.
Um, wasn't there a budget?

My favorite part was seeing her light up when her favorite people kept showing up in our home. It was like she couldn't contain herself with happiness.

It was also nice getting to visit with some of my favorite people, but at the same time it just felt like there wasn't enough time with each of them. There were things to do, people to welcome in, a BB to follow around and it felt like we were being pulled in so many different directions.

I'm thinking a large party like this is not in the cards for the near future, I think BB would have been just as happy with a couple of kiddos and real time with her favorite peeps. Of course, I say this now - two days after the party. We'll see what I say next year around the same time.

What are you thoughts on "big" parties for toddlers?

ADios :)

Friday, August 31, 2012

Taco Thursday: Dinosaur ed.

Workout: 25 min yoga + 25 min swim

I swam, I swam I swam I swam...

I could go on forever, so I'll stop there. It's been a little over two years (since I was last pregnant with my BB) that I went for a swim. After two years, they finally reopened the pool at the school gym and it was glorious.

I've been walking as much as I can, which I love, but the feeling you get mid-stroke is hard to beat. I also love that it's just me and all my thoughts, and quiet. I think I'll have to adjust my schedule some, but we'll try it out for a couple of weeks cause it is SOOOO worth it :)

Specially because we're planning my BBs 2nd birthday party, a little late but her cousins are coming into town for labor day and we couldn't resist. We're going with a dinosaur theme because, yes, she's a toddler who loves her dinosaurs.

I will be attempting baking the cookies for this tonight:

Should be fun! I'm kidding, I'm scared. I went to buy the pre-packaged cookie dough but they only had chocolate chip. I'm thinking about making my own, but don't know if making my own sugar cookies will be harder than a trip to the grocery store with a toddler. We shall see.

We shall also see if I make this for "Taco" night: 

I don't have that many ingredients at the casa for real tacos and am running low on tortillas, or duh, I may have enough for green cheese enchiladas. The point is, there is no point. Party planning is not for the weak of heart and I'm cutting it close!

ADios :)

Thursday, August 30, 2012

WorkIt: Yes, pe-lease!

Workout: 20 min walk + 10 min spin + 30 min weights routine

Yeppers, I feel like I got a good workout today at my new and snazzy gym :)

I was able to get in a 20 min walk on my treadmill in the morning then headed to the gym during lunch.

That gym is AWESOME! By AWESOME I mean it has a pool, free-weights room, machine-weight room, tons of cardio machines (including a spinning bike) and an indoor track. Woo-hoo! So cool :)

Me and my belly we're one of TWO girls using the free weights room. I can only imagine what they think of me and ma' belly but I don't care. I was so overcome with happiness now that I could use more than the 8 lb weights I have at home.

It was also busy, so I will need to check out different times and since parking is a mess, I'm thinking of trying the shuttle. Don't know if that will be quicker or not. We shall see :)

All I know is I had fun today and it broke up the monotony of being at work. The only thing I'm dreading is not being able to leave by 4. Yikes!

ADios :)

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Mommy Needs Coffee Tuesdays: and workout time?

Workout: 30 min weights + 30 min walk

I know, I do need me some of this:

After yesterday's post (which btw was supposed to be published last week) I've made a decision:

Option A: M-F 7:30 - 4:30, lunch in the AM to swim or lunch/PM to do weights

After talking with RC about it, I think I confused him with all the different times. I loved his answer: do the one that gets you more access to gym time. So simple. I agreed and now I'm just waiting on the go-ahead :)

I told one of my friends (who's doing an awesome job on her diet/exercise, btw) and asked her if she'd be interested in joining me 3 times a week for "lunch" at the gym. It sounds like she is so we may start up soon.

What got me is that she's feeling guilty working, then taking Zumba at 6 and not getting home until 7:30 when her kiddo is almost ready to go sleepies. That's right - MOMMY GUILT!!!

Ever dealt with Mommy Guilt? It sucks!

I told her I felt the same way and had resisted changing my schedule for that extra hour with my munchkin. I feel like such a bad mommy for not being able to get up at 5 AM, but I'm tired. I need that hour of sleep and I do miss my gym time, too.

I keep telling myself that the stress-relief working out gives me will make that time that I do have with my BB even sweeter. Plus, if I'm not liking it then I could always switch back, right?

We'll see how it goes, I just can't wait to get in that pool!!!

ADios ;)

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

WorkIt: Oh my?

Workout: 25 min weights + 30 min walk

So maybe this week was not a good choice to "revamp" my work-out schedule. RC had some work deadlines and those are always fun at the house!

Plus, I need my sleep!

The no-sugar days are making me feel more clean, very weird. Here's my mid-week "sugar-fix"!

The Hint drink was all water and no sugar, and pretty good.

So...I've been toying with the idea of changing my schedule to fit in some more exercise time. My Dad always told me to make a list of pros and cons when I can't seem to make up my mind. So here it is:

Current Sched: M-F 7:30 - 3:45, 1 day free for lunch
  • hello, no traffic both ways
  • more time with the BB
  • workout at home 
  • I can't manage to wake up at 5 am to work out so I'm limited to 30 min + walking during the day
  • stuck in a workout rut at home (yoga/weights)
  • feel like I'm not doing enough
Option A: M-F 7:30 - 4:30, lunch in the AM to swim or lunch/PM to do weights

  • I get to not feel bad about sleeping in til the ripe hour of 5:45ish
  • get to do cardio/yoga at home for 20-30 min
  • get to add swimming 2xweek and access to a REAL weight room 2xweek
  • more traffic on the way home
  • parking is horrendous on campus
  • hurried dinner making with a toddler when I get home
  • less time with BB :(
  • pay for gym membership and get good use of it
Option B: M-F 7:30 - 4:15, 2 "lunches" that I could use for swimming

  • I get to add swimming back into my life 2x a week
  • continue to do weights/yoga at home for 20-30 min
  • traffic not too bad or not much of an impact
  • only have to deal with parking the days I swim
  • hurried dinner making with a toddler when I get home
  • less time with BB :( - but not so much
  • pay for gym membership and really only use swimming

So there are my options, laid out nicely with their pros and cons.

Then I read articles like this, that basically say you don't really need that much exercise to loose/maintain weight. Now, as noted, I'm by no means trying to loose weight. In fact, I'm doing pretty good on the baby weight gain train (all aboard) and am feeling really healthy about it.

After reading that article though, it made me think that maybe what I'm doing right now is enough to stay fit during my pregnancy. Which makes me lean towards Option 2, because swimming helped me so so much during my last pregnancy. But then I feel like I'm wasting the gym membership by only going twice a week.


What to do, what to do. I will make a decision soon!

ADios :)

Monday, August 20, 2012

The Salad Case: Return of the No-Sugar-Added days

Workout: 25 min weights + 30 min walk

After some looking back at this week, I realize I have to bring back the no-sugar days. I really need to cut back and focus on eating healthy wholesome foods during this pregnancy. No more pregnancy card allowed for "sweets", specially at work!

This may be impossible to do, but I'm going to start saying "I'm just not eating sugar" at work from now on. Have you ever tried? Maybe if I repeat it enough, it'll come true!

My proposed no-sugar-added days will be: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.


I have noticed I need a sugar-fix after lunch, so to deal with it I'm gonna try chompin' on some of these:

Dried apricots. They're not technically candy, but they sure do pack a sugar punch!

In terms of healthy eats, I'm taking baby steps to getting back to my salad cases. The crunch for prep-time has got me prepping my veggies at work, so they're not really in a salad form - but at least they're there!

This week's case:
  • 2 cups romaine
  • 1 mini cucumber (so cute and yummy)
  • handful of carrots
I had it along with a cup of this:

A bit on the pricey side, but oh so worth it! That Puck knows his soups!

If I had eaten that soup by itself, I would probably have been hungry an hour later. The added veggies definitely kept me feeling fuller longer so I MUST try and keep it up :)

What's your favorite way to sneak veggies?

ADios :)

The Sunday Plan

Workout: 30 min "brisk" walk - thanks swarm of mosquitoes - I enjoyed our rendezvous!

So yes, I post a couple of times then life happens. Then I post and try again - try to recommit to a healthy lifestyle that is.

I know I'm pregnant, believe me I do, but I have to keep reminding myself that what I do now (eat/exercise) WILL have an impact on the challenges I'll face when trying to get back to where I was post-pregnancy. Why is it so hard to get this concept?

I know the healthy lifestyle involves planning, so I'm gonna start a new Sunday theme: the Sunday Plan. So original, if only I do say so myself!

I'll try to focus on the things I want to focus on for the week and to include our "Eats" plan!

Exercise wise, this is the plan:

M: weights + 30 min walk
T: yoga + 20 min treadmill hill walk + 20 min reg walk
W: weights + 20 min treadmill hill walk + 20 min reg walk
Th: yoga + 20 min treadmill hill walk + 20 min reg walk
F: weights + 20 min treadmill hill walk + 20 min reg walk
Sat & Sunday: long walks + 1 mini-yoga session

Yes, I'm going to try and work on adding more walking. I also need to make some decisions on changing up my work schedule to accommodate going back to the gym (more on that in a different post).

Eats wise, as I noted in my last post, I've been going grocery shopping on Monday's sans toddler at my health food store. However, Monday evenings are a wreck trying to cook and sort everything out.

Today, I had grand plans of going during BB's nap time - but things did NOT pan out. Instead, we went  after dinner and I had to endure a crying toddler refusing to be put into the shopping cart seat. Luckily, she calmed down and enjoyed helping me put the veggies in the bags. She also loved pushing the cart. I don't know if I could manage waiting in line, paying and watching after her if it wasn't for RC, though!

So, I'm debating the best time to shop and if I should include BB or not. Any thoughts?

I did manage to get my Eats plan going, so yay for me:
  1. CrockOrSghetti' Sundays: Mom's Spaghetti + broccoli
  2. MexiOrMeatless' Mondays: Green Chile Enchiladas + squash
  3. SurfinOrStirfry Tuesdays: Salmon + sweet potato fries
  4. PaniniOrBfast Wednesdays: Blueberry + goat + bacon(optional) + asparagus
  5. Taco Thursdays: Potato Tacos
  6. PizzaOrMacNCheese Fridays!
  7. Savory Saturday Breakfast: Huevo Ranchero bowls
  8. Sweet Sunday Breakfast: Banana Skillet Bake
  9. Breakfast Savor of the week: Eggs + Cheese
  10. Salad Case: Greek + hummus
  • Produce Isle
    • broccoli
    • Squash
    • sweet potatoes
    • asparagus
    • potato
    • cucumber
    • lettuce
    • Banana
    • veggie on sale
  • Staples Isle
    • Lentils
    • grilled cheese bread
    • pita bread
    • green enchilada sauce
    • green salsa
  • Dairy Isle
    • shredded cheese
    • goat cheese
  • Protein Isle
    • bacon
    • eggs
    • hummus
How do you plan your menus? Any tips?

ADios :)

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The Salad Case: No Save!

Workout: 20 min weights + ~35 min walk

Where did the "Save" button go? Oh Blogger - I guess you just wanted to post that pic of my lunch choice ASAP.

As you may have guessed, there was no prep for salad cases, but I did grab this pita hummus plate since our salad bar was closed too.

It was tough saying no to the chips, but I feel so much better about it afterwards :)

I've recently been going grocery shopping on Monday's after my chiropractic appointment. My health food store is down the street and it makes it easy for me to get in and out. After thinking about it over the weekend, I'm going to start posting my shopping lists to ensure that 1. I have a shopping list and 2. I can always pull up and old one on my phone in a jiffy if I didn't plan ahead.

So here's a simple list of how I TRY to pull dinners together at home:

  1. CrockOrSghetti' Sundays: Mom's Spaghetti
  2. MexiOrMeatless' Mondays: Creamy Lentil + Kale + Potatoes
  3. SurfinOrStirfry Tuesdays: Shrimp + Potatoes Po Boys
  4. PaniniOrBfast Wednesdays: Peach, Bacon(optional) + Gouda Grilled Cheese + veggie on sale
  5. Taco Thursdays: Potato Tacos
  6. PizzaOrMacNCheese Fridays!
  7. Savory Saturday Breakfast: Potato Hash + Eggs
  8. Sweet Sunday Breakfast: Banana Skillet Bake
  9. Breakfast Savor of the week: Eggs + Cheese
  10. Salad Case: Greek + hummus
  • Produce Isle
    • Squash
    • Potatoes
    • Bell peppers
    • Kale
    • Peach
    • Banana
    • veggie on sale
  • Staples Isle
    • Lentils
    • grilled cheese bread
    • pita bread
  • Dairy Isle
    • Creamer
    • Gouda
  • Protein Isle
    • bacon
    • eggs
    • hummus
How do you plan your menus? Any tips?

ADios :)

Thursday, August 2, 2012

TT: The Pregnancy Card

Workout: none + 30 min walk

I have a confession, I partly blame the Olympics for my lack of energy this morning, no this entire week - I've been staying up way past my bedtime. It also didn't help that we went out on a week night to visit with some friends who were in town. Good times last night, no so much this morning!

Olympic side-note 1: I've been a little disappointed in online coverage - it's so hard to find out what's going on but the best site I've found so far is: USA at the Olympics 2012. Thanks wiki!

Olympic side-note 2: pregnancy hormones + olympic moments = teary combination. Those MOM commercials get me every time!

Speaking of being pregnant, I've recently been thinking about the "Pregnancy Card." I won't lie, I've pulled it out a couple of times; it's gotten me my pick of different restaurants and first dibs on goodies at work. It's also given me a pass to be a little lax about nutrition and to snack on-demand. And bloggies, I've also pulled it to explain my lack of posting.

That's right folks, yes - the first trimester was grueling and all I wanted to do was sleep, eat and avoid food that made me want to gag. Not blogging was understandable. Now that I have more energy, that card has to be stashed away.

I'm trying to have a fit pregnancy, but if I had to grade myself (which I'm making myself) I'd have to give myself a C. I hate C's. To me, the C indicates my lack of effort and commitment to a healthy lifestyle. Here's a glimpse into some of my thoughts:
  • Meal plans? What are those? What - I have to plan them? We can't just live on mac-n-cheese even if it is organic?
  • Blogging? What do I blog about now that I'm not trying to loose weight?
  • You mean, now that my back is feeling way better I can actually do more than yoga/weights/walking breaks?
After some horrendous food choices yesterday, I "made the effort" to pack a prep-at-work lunch of a cheese+avocado sandwichthin with grapes. Then I had a craving for some chips and some of that Honest Tea that I've been loving recently. But that would add a whopping 300 calories of junk to my day. I almost pulled out that Pregnancy card, but I'm happy to say I stopped myself and opted to get a salad instead, go me!

I failed to pack the avocado, but a cheese+roasted red bell pepper sandwichthin was a good sub. I was so full, I didn't even finish the salad so I have some for tomorrow. #doublescore

It's really all about choices. I need to understand that back pain/pregnancy has shifted some of my fitness and nutrition goals, but it doesn't mean that it's obliterated them. To raise my average, here are some of my goals:
  • blog, blog, blog - I need the accountability
  • add a workout page
  • try new workouts (just bought a zumba groupon)
  • make time to do some prepwork or give eMeals a shot? I heard of them today, have you? Side note: they stole my idea! Not really, I had thought about adding a weekly post of meal plans and grocery lists and have even setup 4 of them - but there's just not enough hours in the day. I may try them for a week and see how it goes.
  • eat cleaner, less sugar, less eating out
  • keep that pregnancy card stashed away

Any tips for challenging yourself when all you want to do is cruise in the nutrition/fitness field? Ever have an idea that went on to make someone a millionaire?

ADios :)

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Mommy Needs Coffee: BFFs!

Workout: 30 min Tapayasa Warrior Flow

Yes folks, there are some signs that I may be back to my old-self:

  • I actually had a salad for lunch today. It was romaine-based greek salad because I still can't stand the thought of a warm spinach salad - but let's focus on the SALAD part!
  • I actually feel like making healthy meals
  • I actually feel like writing, hence the post
  • I actually feel like reading books - i've been a mahjongg addict at night recently
  • I feel re-energized to get back on the healthy-eating track. I haven't derailed too much but the food aversions really got to me and anything sugar was my new BFF! I'm really trying to cut down on the sugar now and trying to get my veggie intake up. Thank goodness for banana soft-serve, even the BB loves it and has been known to cry for it (ok, not just the BB) after dinner! 

Slowly but surely, I'm getting back to myself - yay!

On to today's Mommy Needs Coffee talk: BFFs!

I read this article recently, Why Moms and Daughters Can Never Really Be Friends, and yes, I'll admit to to watching the Gilmore Girls and hoping my BB and I will have the type of relationship that these two have:

However, as the article points out there may undefined boundaries that need to be determined if you plan to go down that road.

To be honest, I really hope I have the type of relationship that I have with my mom. It took us a while to get there because I was always daddy's girl up until I got married. I mean, I was always just a bit closer to my dad but had a good relationship with both.

After I married and specially now that I have a BB, I found having my mom there has been a true blessing. I'm amazed at all the sacrifices she made for our family and I hope to one day be like her. I know - sappy, but I blame that gene on her (well- dad too).

Every time I hear the BB tell me to "Go!" I just wonder what lies ahead and I just plan on taking it one day at a time. Relationships change and hopefully grow and every time I hear the BB say "Bress you" after I cough, my heart just sinks!

How about you, would you want to be BFFs with your own parents or kids?


Thursday, July 12, 2012

Work It Wednesday: or not?

Workout: lots of walking mini-breaks!

Hello bloggies, I know it's been a long, long time.

I've been very good about being very inconsistent and to tell you the truth, I've been ok with that. Taking it easy on myself has been a very good thing, and opting to sleep or do nothing for that 1-ish hour of free time I get has done wonders.

I can't remember if I mentioned it or not, but there was a BIG BIG project at work that I was lead of. I didn't realize how stressed I got, specially the day of the release. It was like I was back in college and it was the day of a big final. I'm grateful to report things went well, but I'm so glad it's over and done with.

Ya see, I have a little secret (shhh... don't tell)! I've also been battling the first-trimester woes and am barely starting to get some of my energy back. Almost and very slowly, but we're getting there!

That's right, our little family is expecting and we are so grateful to God for this little blessing.

There's just so many emotions and thoughts going on right now and I'm trying to take it easy as I try (or choose not) to process it all.

Some quick thoughts on this pregnancy:

  • Different, but similar at the same time - still very, very tired!
  • No morning sickness, but many many food aversions (salad cases have gone bye-bye)
  • I am hungry ALL.THE.TIME - don't remember that the first time.
  • Mommy brain is a live and well, but it led to a later ultra-sound (since I got the dates mixed up on the first) and we got to see the little bb kicking. Oh so blessed!
  • I've been wanting to keep it to myself for the most part. Haven't told anyone at work and have had thoughts of seeing how long it takes people to ask the question "Are you pregnant?" (BTW, I think the  belly bump is getting there)
  • Haven't slept through the night in about a month - I don't remember the night-time bath trips starting so early before.
  • I hate to say it, but I am a little scared at this thought: TWO of them.
  • My chiropractor and the massage therapists have been a Godsend!
  • Coffee, how I've missed thee! I gave it up for the first trimester and am slowly introducing 1 cup every day or so, but man - that was tough. I really do think I was drinking way too much of it though. In fact, for the last self-breast exam I was unable to find the that little bump which caused such a stir a while back. Maybe my body was trying to teach me some things about moderation?
  • Speaking of boobs, they are back. It was so sad to see them go after breastfeeding (and they really, really went too).
  • Is there a fast forward button?
  • Yoga/weights + walking -> it's where it's at! The pool at my gym is still closed and won't open til September. I can make it, I think.
  • My BB pointed to my tummy one day and said "Baby". Um, wow!?# Do kids pick up on this stuff?
  • I could go on and on, but I said quick so I'll end it here.
So remember, it's our little secret ;)

Got any little secret's you wish to share? Or maybe some cookies?