Wednesday, November 7, 2012

WorkIt: Not so much?

Workout: 30 min Super Lunge Vinyasa Flow

As my co-worker put it so lovingly, "Wow, you really popped out!"

Yes folks, the bump has popped out! I'm very blessed to have a growing baby who is very very active and let's me know it!

The work-outs continue and I absolutely love pumping iron at the gym. SO.MUCH.FUN!

However, that growing bump is leaving me winded a bit more, I'm generally walking much much slower and am getting up once or twice in the middle of the night. Not to mention the staring at the gym has picked up quite a bit. All that, coupled with the time change has got me thinking maybe it's time to give up the gym weights sessions.

Ay-ay-ay - so let me tell ya more about this time change!!! I'm usually a big fan of the big Fall Backwards time change, this year - not so much.

The BB has had it with her sleep slack and can now climb out of  her crib so we are going through a transitional stage into her toddler bed. Some nights are good, some not so good.

Since there's been nights where it's taken 1+ hr of having to continually put her back in her bed (while trying to ignore the non-ending screaming) we decided to not adjust the time for starting her bedtime routine. That means, her bath starts at 7 and we can hopefully get her to sleep before 8:30. Yesterday, it was 9.

With my current work schedule, that means I get off work around 4:30 and we don't get home til 5ish. Straight to making dinner then that only leaves us an hour of playtime.

Everything just seems so rushed, I've decided to suck-it-up and wake up a bit earlier to get my yoga on. I'll also be moving my weights into the family room to get in some reps while I can during play time. I figure, every little bit helps and it'll be good for BB to see me working out some.

For now, here's the WorkIt plan:

M: yoga + weights
T: yoga + swim
W: yoga + weights
Th: yoga + swim
F: yoga
S: long walk
Su: long walk

I also bought and am hoping to add 30 minutes of active playtime to our routine after we get home from work.

I'm hoping this will be a fun activity and help get some of her energy out and maybe give me a kick-start as well!

How do you fit in exercise?

ADios :)