Sanchoesque Endeavors

Sancho who?

My favorite all-time book is Don Quixote, by Miguel de Cervantes. I love, love, love this book.

To dream the impossible dream
To fight the unbeatable foe
To bear with unbearable sorrow
To run where the brave dare not go

To right the unrightable wrong
To love pure and chaste from afar
To try when your arms are too weary
To reach the unreachable star

If you don't already know, I'm a romantic at heart and I'm a dreamer.  I don't think I'm quite as "cooky" as Don Quixote.  I think I know my limitations, but sometimes I tend to get carried away with my dreams and perceptions of life!

If anything, I think I'm more like Sancho, Don Quixote's faithful side-kick.  Although he's sane enough to see things for what they are, he stills follows old Don Quixote on endless adventures in the hopes of  having those dreams come true.

This is my quest
To follow that star
No matter how hopeless
No matter how far

To fight for the right
Without question or pause
To be willing to march into Hell
For a heavenly cause

The romantic idea that you should fight for what is true and just has always captivated me. I've been blessed to have people in my life that have taught me to stand up for what you believe in. My Parents have always tried to instill this concept in me, and I've learned through their many examples. It's a trait that I look for in my friends and I've been blessed to find it in my husband as well.

And I know if I'll only be true
To this glorious quest
That my heart will lie peaceful and calm
When I'm laid to my rest

And the world will be better for this
That one man, scorned and covered with scars
Still strove with his last ounce of courage
To reach the unreachable star

The whole concept that we shouldn't see things as they are, but as they should be and that we should strive for those goals is what keeps me going.

Like Sancho, I may fall short of many dreams, but I pray to never loose those ideals and the passion they bring to my life!

In a way, this blog is one of those Sanchoesque endeavors. It's a way to be accountable to myself and the things that I want to work on.

I love to write, it's a journey for me. I hadn't written in so long, I didn't realize how much I truly missed it!

Here are some of the things that I'm going to try and blog about. I'm sure these will change over time, but I find them interesting so we'll just have to see how it goes:

  • Fitness + Nutrition

    As an adult, I've never really been a yoyo-dieter because I've always believed in the concept of eating healthy and working out. Believing hasn't always translated into an actual practice, however, and I've been many different weights many times throughout my life.

    It hasn't been until the last 5 or 6 years, where I've been semi-consistent. I've managed to stay in a comfy happy range (+/- 5lbs). Even then, I know my diet needs improvements. I always thought exercise was the key, but as I get older, and the metabolism goes, I've come to realize that nutrition is just as big a part of it, if not more!

    Thus, I've turned to the blogging world for some much needed accountability!

    I started reading some nutrition/fitness blogs and I was so impressed with their eating and exercise habits that I decided, why not try it myself? After all, I've had countless journals and notebooks throughout the years (being a calorie counter and all) that have served this purpose. The big difference being that no one, but me, was going to be able to know that I had that bag of M&Ms after lunch along with some of the birthday cake at work.

    Wouldn't you know it, in the first couple of days I noticed that I definitely started adding more veggies to my meals. Then, I noticed I wasn't adding sugar to all my smoothies, oatmeal, coffee, etc. Hopefully, these trends continue and I'll keep on making fitness and nutrition an important part of my life!

  • Reading

    I love, love, love to read. I like all types of books, minus the self-help variety. I've never been able to get through them for some reason.

    Two years ago, this blog actually started out as my way to get myself to read more. It was one of the Sanchoesque endeavors that I strode out to conquer. I wasn't very successful though, as you'll note by the number of actual posts. I did actually read more books than the ones I posted about, but I missed out on writing about them.

  • Timesavers

    As any mom of a toddler might tell ya, timesavers = $$$. Whatever that $$$ may be for you, whether it be some alone time, work-out time, or the jackpot - sleepy time. I want to experiment with different time-saving ideas and see if they actually work.

Let's see how this adventure goes, shall we?