Monday, August 20, 2012

The Salad Case: Return of the No-Sugar-Added days

Workout: 25 min weights + 30 min walk

After some looking back at this week, I realize I have to bring back the no-sugar days. I really need to cut back and focus on eating healthy wholesome foods during this pregnancy. No more pregnancy card allowed for "sweets", specially at work!

This may be impossible to do, but I'm going to start saying "I'm just not eating sugar" at work from now on. Have you ever tried? Maybe if I repeat it enough, it'll come true!

My proposed no-sugar-added days will be: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.


I have noticed I need a sugar-fix after lunch, so to deal with it I'm gonna try chompin' on some of these:

Dried apricots. They're not technically candy, but they sure do pack a sugar punch!

In terms of healthy eats, I'm taking baby steps to getting back to my salad cases. The crunch for prep-time has got me prepping my veggies at work, so they're not really in a salad form - but at least they're there!

This week's case:
  • 2 cups romaine
  • 1 mini cucumber (so cute and yummy)
  • handful of carrots
I had it along with a cup of this:

A bit on the pricey side, but oh so worth it! That Puck knows his soups!

If I had eaten that soup by itself, I would probably have been hungry an hour later. The added veggies definitely kept me feeling fuller longer so I MUST try and keep it up :)

What's your favorite way to sneak veggies?

ADios :)