Monday, August 20, 2012

The Sunday Plan

Workout: 30 min "brisk" walk - thanks swarm of mosquitoes - I enjoyed our rendezvous!

So yes, I post a couple of times then life happens. Then I post and try again - try to recommit to a healthy lifestyle that is.

I know I'm pregnant, believe me I do, but I have to keep reminding myself that what I do now (eat/exercise) WILL have an impact on the challenges I'll face when trying to get back to where I was post-pregnancy. Why is it so hard to get this concept?

I know the healthy lifestyle involves planning, so I'm gonna start a new Sunday theme: the Sunday Plan. So original, if only I do say so myself!

I'll try to focus on the things I want to focus on for the week and to include our "Eats" plan!

Exercise wise, this is the plan:

M: weights + 30 min walk
T: yoga + 20 min treadmill hill walk + 20 min reg walk
W: weights + 20 min treadmill hill walk + 20 min reg walk
Th: yoga + 20 min treadmill hill walk + 20 min reg walk
F: weights + 20 min treadmill hill walk + 20 min reg walk
Sat & Sunday: long walks + 1 mini-yoga session

Yes, I'm going to try and work on adding more walking. I also need to make some decisions on changing up my work schedule to accommodate going back to the gym (more on that in a different post).

Eats wise, as I noted in my last post, I've been going grocery shopping on Monday's sans toddler at my health food store. However, Monday evenings are a wreck trying to cook and sort everything out.

Today, I had grand plans of going during BB's nap time - but things did NOT pan out. Instead, we went  after dinner and I had to endure a crying toddler refusing to be put into the shopping cart seat. Luckily, she calmed down and enjoyed helping me put the veggies in the bags. She also loved pushing the cart. I don't know if I could manage waiting in line, paying and watching after her if it wasn't for RC, though!

So, I'm debating the best time to shop and if I should include BB or not. Any thoughts?

I did manage to get my Eats plan going, so yay for me:
  1. CrockOrSghetti' Sundays: Mom's Spaghetti + broccoli
  2. MexiOrMeatless' Mondays: Green Chile Enchiladas + squash
  3. SurfinOrStirfry Tuesdays: Salmon + sweet potato fries
  4. PaniniOrBfast Wednesdays: Blueberry + goat + bacon(optional) + asparagus
  5. Taco Thursdays: Potato Tacos
  6. PizzaOrMacNCheese Fridays!
  7. Savory Saturday Breakfast: Huevo Ranchero bowls
  8. Sweet Sunday Breakfast: Banana Skillet Bake
  9. Breakfast Savor of the week: Eggs + Cheese
  10. Salad Case: Greek + hummus
  • Produce Isle
    • broccoli
    • Squash
    • sweet potatoes
    • asparagus
    • potato
    • cucumber
    • lettuce
    • Banana
    • veggie on sale
  • Staples Isle
    • Lentils
    • grilled cheese bread
    • pita bread
    • green enchilada sauce
    • green salsa
  • Dairy Isle
    • shredded cheese
    • goat cheese
  • Protein Isle
    • bacon
    • eggs
    • hummus
How do you plan your menus? Any tips?

ADios :)


Kimberly said... Best Blogger Tips

You are doing so awesome! Move to make you feel good and do what you can. I can't imagine trying to do it all with a toddler.

Also, I love the idea of regular theme nights to organize meals. I used to be really good at planning but dishes haven't been incredibly appealing.