Monday, September 10, 2012

Taco Thursday: Unofficial?

Workout: 20 min yoga + 30 min swim

A couple of days late, but oh well :)

I know the title, but officially - this morning - "ay-ay-ay." You can quote me on that too!

After a fun night...

comes a not so fun wake-up time. I was able to get in a 20 min prenatal yoga session and truly, I'm amazed at how connected to your body yoga makes you feel, but I digress.

Afterwards, I got ready for my scheduled swim this AM, with my bathing suit outfit and my pre-conditioned hair in all it's glory I headed out the door - straight into TRAFFIC.

NoteToSelf: check traffic before heading out the door.

As soon as I got on, I knew I made a fatal mistake. There's a little path that other cars were taking to get off the freeway, I never follow, but a screaming toddler made me do it.

Like everyone else, I schemed and plotted and went several different ways. Each time, each.single.time, I was faced with the same traffic. Everywhere.

After 30 minutes of just driving around, I decided to just let BB play at McDonalds and wait it out. Wonderful plan, if I had remembered to bring my wallet (which I left at work because I figured it was safer than taking it to the gym yesterday because I forgot my lock). Then, trying to sneak in to a blocked play gym area, I realized I might as well head back into traffic.

A screaming child and another u-turn later, I got back on the slow freeway only to hear my DJ start talking about the horrors of I-10 and how people have been stuck for over an hour.

Yay me.

It was such a blessing that 10 minutes later I had cleared the accident site and my BB was going to make it in time for her breakfast.

After all that, I figured I was late so might as well take some comp time and get my swim on. 'Twas a good choice.

However, as I was getting ready it was clouded by the realization that I failed to pack my bra and yes - that I am indeed very PREGNANT.

Oh, sure, maybe Albertson's sells bra's? Or maybe Target? Oh wait, didn't I just remember that I forgot my wallet at work.

I wasn't prepared to go home and head back into more traffic, so I embraced my lovely sweater at work, and I was lucky enough to do a lot of sitting. Yet another reason why being a programmer and days with no meetings truly do rock!

After all that, and that was A LOT, we got some unofficial good news and we will unofficially celebrate tonight!

What's your worst stuck-in-traffic study?
Ever forget to bring something to the gym?

ADios :)