Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Mommy Needs Coffee Tuesdays: and a reality check!

Workout: 25 min pre-natal yoga + 20 min swim

Today's workout came courtesy of an awesome gal at our gym, despite her formal escort to the pool locker room. You see, she felt bad for my lack of school ID and the predicament I was in - having to go back home into traffic to get ready.

I guess they're a lot stricter when checking gym IDs now, they can't just look you up in the system. Lesson learned.

I managed to get in a sneaky 20 min swim and some glorious 16 laps (guess what, I'm also a slow swimmer - SHOCKER). I don't care, it was worth every minute of it :)

Now, for some of this:

Believe me,  I need it. I'm still recovering from my 2-year old's BB's party.

It was such a blessed event and we are forever grateful to God.

It was soooo much fun.
It was sooooo much work.
I'm tired.
RC's tired.
BB's tired.
I tried to take all the pics I could cause I'm pretty sure BB will not remember it.
Um, wasn't there a budget?

My favorite part was seeing her light up when her favorite people kept showing up in our home. It was like she couldn't contain herself with happiness.

It was also nice getting to visit with some of my favorite people, but at the same time it just felt like there wasn't enough time with each of them. There were things to do, people to welcome in, a BB to follow around and it felt like we were being pulled in so many different directions.

I'm thinking a large party like this is not in the cards for the near future, I think BB would have been just as happy with a couple of kiddos and real time with her favorite peeps. Of course, I say this now - two days after the party. We'll see what I say next year around the same time.

What are you thoughts on "big" parties for toddlers?

ADios :)