Friday, November 4, 2011

Hey Dude: All Star Ed.

Workout: none :(

Hey Dude, I'll say it before and I'll say it again:

You know you're old when the oldies radio station starts playing songs that came out when you were in your teens!

Seriously, when did this song become an oldie?

When? I ask. When did they start playing my music on the oldies station???

I actually hadn't seen the video in so long, I completely forgot that it was on the Mystery Men sound track! I haven't seen that movie in so long. I was actually a junior in college when it came out, but I probably saw it sometime later because I was too busy salsa dancing my junior year to go to any movies! Good times!

Have you seen this movie? Have a favorite super hero? I do believe my favorite one was The Spleen [aka Pee-Wee Herman]! He was hilarious!

Check this out for some of the most memorable lines. You'll have a fun time!

Any plans for this weekend? I'm so looking forward to it because:

  1. Daylight Savings Time is this Sunday - an extra hour of glorious sleep!!!
  2. Neighborhood BBQ should be fun
  3. We get to relax from the hectic work schedule this week :)
  4. I'm planning at least one cardio session this weekend!

To quote the The Blue Raja:

May the forks be with us!

ADios :)