Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Book 2008_04: It's March and my count is at 4!

I am so not going to make my 50+ mark goal. Life always seems to get in the way of my reading, that and a really bad book!

February started out fairly well, I had my 2 books ready to go: "Ulyssess" by James Joyce and "Tender is the night" by F. Scott Fitzgerald. Fast-forward to the interest rates falling and my hubby pressing ahead to put our house on the market!

I really did try to read Ulyssess, really I did. I couldn't do it. I got about a quarter into the book, despite the weekend warrior sessions at the house.

It was boring and long, and I just didn't enjoy it. Here is a condensed animated version:

Much more entertaining than the real thing.

So, now I've moved on. I'll probably return to it in the future, but for now I'm on to TistheN.
I have a feeling I'm really going to like this one, I'll keep you posted!