Monday, September 26, 2011

The Salad Case: Lazy, ed

Workout:  Non-Stop Vinyasa flow + 20 min interval run

To say "I've been lazy," is an understatement. Seriously, I was caught in cycle of laziness you could not imagine!

It all started last Wednesday, when I stayed up too late watching some crack-type TV. Not sure if it was, RHWONJ, or Most Eligible Dallas. Whatever it was, it was a crappy show.

Bloggies, I hate to tell ya - but I am a Crack TV junkie!!!

Well, staying up late gave me an excuse to not work out Thursday morning.
Evening photography class + planning my BBs baptism provided the excuse for Friday morning
BBs baptism provided the excuse for Saturday and Sunday mornings (we all know you need to recover after you host a party at home, right?)
Being plane lazy + crack TV watching @ 10 pm each night were my excuses for the rest of the week.

Do you have any secret crack-tv shows?

I got into a bad cycle, the only saving grace was that I was eating relatively good and was crazy busy! Not to mention that I literally carried my BB all day on Saturday. She may have a "slight" case of separation anxiety and the party didn't help too much, either!

All-in-all, the Baptism was beautiful and we felt so blessed:)


lack of exercise + late-night tv watching = sleeping problems + more stress -> lack of exercise

The cycle just keeps on repeating itself!

Today, I hopefully stopped it and I'm even making a point to set the following alarms on my phone:

* 9PM - stop all web surfing/general pc items
* 9:45PM - start getting ready for sleepy time

How do you avoid this cycle? What are some of your wind-down sleepy time tips?

ADios :)