Friday, October 22, 2010

Fashionista in Training

Week10 010

Here’s my little munchkin’.  One of my friends made that adorable little hat for her and I find out she actually sells them.  I told her to sell her things on etsy, I bet she’d get lots of orders.

I keep telling my Mom the same thing, too. After seeing the little hat, she was able to pick up the pattern and knit a flower of her own. I wish I could say that craftiness runs in the family, but it doesn’t. She’s tried teaching me before, but I just have myself a little chuckle each time.

I’m so not crafty!

As far as fitness & nutrition go, I think they’ve taken a back seat to SLEEP!

She’s still really unpredictable at night, sometimes 2, sometimes 3-hr blocks. Very random.  Too random for me to think of having a workout plan :(

Hopefully I get my run on tomorrow. Fingers crossed!

Today we took the doggies for a walk and don’t have much planned. Just hang around and enjoy this great weather.

Looks like she’s a wakin’ up, so gotta go :)