Sunday, December 5, 2010

The Plan: My Goals 20101205


Ok, let’s get this party started!!!

My goals for this week, as always, are to keep my calories at 2000 per day.  This is very doable, I just have to start writing things down and make sure I get my veggies in.

On the exercise front my goals are to run today (I’m planning on doing an interval session) and do two of the insane workouts on Tuesday and Thursday.  MWF I’d like to start pumping some iron, with my measly 8 lb dumbbells; it’ll be a weight-training/yoga or pilates mash up.  I have a bunch of yoga and pilates shows that I’ve DVRd from FitTV so I have to get on that bandwagon and start doing them.

I’ve had my breakfast & coffee (white-chocolate creamer is THE BEST!) so now I’m off to get my running gear on before I start thinking up excuses of why I should stay in my jammies all day.  The sad thing is, I know I could SO talk myself into it :)

Many Blessings,