Saturday, January 1, 2011

It’s a new day. No wait, a New Year!!!


I don’t know why, but it felt like today was going to be a first day at school or something.  I’ve had to use my Lightning Bug app to get myself to sleep these last couple of days because my head was filled with thoughts of goals and things to do in 2011. The possibilities are endless :)

The holidays have truly been a blessing and I’ve enjoyed each and every minute of it.  Time spent with family and friends is definitely a gift that keeps on giving – I pray to never forget all these wonderful memories.

Week11_18 069

I love how everyone is looking a different direction in this pic – priceless!

After a week of debating whether or not to continue with the blog or not, I decided for it! I just love to write and decided I do need some accountability in my life.

I don’t plan to document everything I eat, nor jot down all my workouts or calories consumed. I think I’ll spare the bloggie world that boredom because I tend to eat the same things all the time. Instead, I’m going to try to blog once a day with different themes during the week. Hopefully, that will keep things fresh. We’ll see how it goes and if anyone ever reads this or has any ideas, please do share them with me.

So without further adieu, here are my 2011 goals:

  • Pray and read the Bible every morning
  • Attend Mass at least two times a month
  • Volunteer! We’re going to the Animal Rescue League Orientation on the 8th and I can’t wait :)
  • Dedicate 3 hours of my week to writing
  • Post at least five blog entries a week
  • Every month read:
    • 1 fiction book
    • 1 non-fiction book
    • 1 biography book (after reading W’s book I’ll concentrate on the President’s this year)
  • Full-out diet mode in January & February to loose those last pesky 10 pounds. If I meet my goal my reward will be a shopping spree with the cashback reward money I get every year at the end of February. If I don’t, that money will go into the bank account – talk about motivation!
    • Eat my fruits & veggies on a daily basis
    • Keep it to under 2000 calories a day
    • Keep it to one sugar craving a day
  • Exercise, exercise and even more exercise – ok so I’m not planning on going overboard or anything, but I really want to be consistent. I also plan on switching it up every month or so, so my January weekly workout plan looks like this:
    • 3 cardio days
    • 2 weight sessions
    • 2 yoga/pilates sessions
  • I think I also want to run a half-marathon again. Maybe the El Paso one, but I’ll post about it when I figure it out.
  • Become an organizing wizard – ok, if I’m being honest that might be a bit out of my reach.  Baby steps are key, here! My baby step this month will be to identify those tasks that need to be done every week or month and setup calendar reminders on my google account. That way, I won’t forget about them and I’ll have a place to check ‘em off my list – the best part of keeping lists in my humble opinion :)

So I’m off to finish cleaning the oven or doing something productive.  Nahhh, even better, I’m off to play with my baby daughter!!!

Many Blessings Bloggies :)