Sunday, January 9, 2011

All Sugared Out!


Yesterday was a wonderful day spent with family and friends, but my heart kept going out to those affected in yesterday’s tragedy.  My thoughts and prayers are with those families, as well as all of the people in our sister city, Cd. Juarez, who have to deal with this type of violence on a daily basis.

All I can do is pray for them and try not to take any time spent with my family and friends for granted!

We had a busy day and first on our agenda was the volunteer orientation at the Animal Rescue League.  We got there a little late, but we made it and it was so neat to see so many people going through the orientation with us.

 MyBlog 021

They gave us a tour of the facilities and we got see all the cats and doggies.

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This dog lives on the facility and has full-roaming privileges. He was sure pretty and I bet all the other dogs just look at him in envy!

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This was the puppy cage – so many cuties!!!

 MyBlog 025

Cats were everywhere, but apparently they have an entire trailer setup for them!

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This dog had behavioral problems so he was sectioned off, but you could tell he was a sweetie! We already filled out the paperwork and plan to go at least a couple times a month to help out where we can. They need help walking the dogs, doing laundry, washing doggie dishes and doing paperwork so if you live in the El Paso are and would like to volunteer, please contact them and sign up :)

After the orientation we were starving and went to Barnes & Noble for some grub and some joe. BNN never disappoints!

Then we headed to Cattleman’s to celebrate Richard’s upcoming birthday!

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Their website welcomes you to visit the legendary Texas Steakhouse, and they do not lie!!!

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It is truly legendary! Cattleman’s is one of those places that you must, must, must visit if you are ever in this area.

They even have a petting zoo for the kiddos and a doggie to welcome you as you make your way there.

MyBlog 030 

Apparently, this doggie has been there over 10 years. It’s his home :)

MyBlog 031

All in all it was a great Saturday, but I probably went a little overboard on the foodie front! I’m a sucker for baked potatoes and can never say no to cheese and bacon on the side. Of course, they’re steak is incredible too!

Today was pretty busy as well. We had a family portrait at 10 so we had to get ready early to make sure we were there on time. The photographer was great, but I have no idea how he maintains that same level of energy for an entire day of shooting kids. I would need a coffee/caffeine IV drip!

Then we headed out for some grub, and that’s when things started spiraling out of sugar control!

On deck was the International Bakery with all their pastry glory.

2011-01-09 10.55.12

We opted for their savory croissants filled with turkey & cheese. Oh so good!

2011-01-09 10.56.20

Then followed it up with some scrumptious upside down pineapple cake!

2011-01-09 10.54.57  

Richard had the cookie and we split the cake with some coffee. The sugar monster was rearing it’s ugly, I mean delicious little face!

We came home to lounge and I needed to roast some coffee beans in our convection oven, so I decided to also make some cinnamon pecans & cashews. I follow this recipe, but I just add as much cinnamon as I think it needs.

The only downside to these pecans is that I can’t stop eating them! Now I’m all sugared out. I didn’t have much of an appetite, but I knew I had to eat something so I had the leftover filet mignon from last night with about 1/3 of that potato. Believe or not, I still have another third left. The portions are way over control in most restaurants, but who’s complaining? Not moi!

I tried to search for some good ideas on what to do when you have had too much sugar, but came up empty. I just wish I could take something to soak up all that sugar and get it out of my body as fast as I can! Any ideas?

I’m probably going to take it easy for the rest of the night, and maybe have eggs for dinner cause maybe the protein will help with the sugar. Let’s hope it does!

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday!

Many Blessings!


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