Saturday, January 8, 2011

Book 2011_01: I Am Number 4


Let me just say that I loved my Nook before, but after realizing that I can check e-books out from the library – I love it even more! It comes in so handy when I’m nursing and putting Brielle to sleep each night. I would definitely recommend getting one if you’re planning to nurse. You get to read while spending quality time with your baby.

“I Am Number 4” by Pittacus Lore was an ok quick read, it was the first e-book I checked out from my library. It was fun and I’m a sucker for a semi-romantic sci-fi novel. Apparently it was a big hit on the New York Times Bestseller Children’s edition. Go me, such a literary and intellectual genius.

In a way, the story reminded me a bit about Roswell. My best friend, Sarah used to love that series but I never quite got into it. I guess stories about a forbidden love between an alien and a human are quite the money makers cause they’re turning this novel into a movie and maybe a series.

I did like the characters, they seemed very real to me. My favorite was Bernie Kozar, the little dog turned faithful sidekick. Doggies are the best!

High School Romance + sci-fi + cute doggie = overall B.

I say read it if you like any of these themes. These types of books always make me wonder if there’s life out there. Ahh, the mysteries of the universe. What are your thoughts on aliens? I just can’t imagine being the only intelligent life in such a big universe. Who knows?

On a side note, I’m excited about today because we’re going to a volunteer orientation of the Animal Rescue League. It should be fun!

Off to see if I can get a quick run in, or should I wait until tomorrow? Decisions, decisions???

BTW, this was me yesterday morning at work:

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Happy because it was a Friday! Mega happy cause I got my first comment!!! Thanks Kimberly :)

Have a great Saturday Bloggies!

Many Blessings!!