Sunday, January 23, 2011

Birthdays & Celebrations


Today was a day of rest, as it should be :)

We took the doggies on a 2 mile walk then got ready and headed out to celebrate my parents 38th wedding anniversary.


Week11_18 065

They are the cutest couple and can you believe they only knew each other for one week before they married?

38 years later, they still bicker and it’s hilarious to watch.

I’m blessed to have them in my life :)

Richard’s birthday was also last week so we decided to do a group celebration and headed over to Pot Au Feu. It was great. So good, I didn’t even have time to snap pictures.

We did have some leftovers and the doggies wanted in on the action.

MyBlog 080 

We didn’t have dessert at the restaurant, but I probably had a tad too much sugar today thanks to an attack of the ciocolatti biscottis!

MyBlog 076

I swear, the second biscotti creeped up on me and I never stood a chance. Now it’s time to get up, dust myself off and set up my plan for next week. So here it is:

Day Goal Calories Workout
Monday 1700 Weights
Tuesday 2000 Insanity video
Wednesday 1800 Speed treadmill run
Thursday 2000 Weights
Friday 1800 Tempo run
Saturday 2000 Long run: 7 miles
Sunday 2000 Rest

The rest of the night will involve football, laundry, some prep-work for tomorrow’s stew and watching Brielle bounce, bounce and bounce her little booty.

MyBlog 079

I can watch her forever and never get bored!

Many Blessings!