Monday, January 10, 2011

The Giving Potato

When life gives you potatoes, rejoice and be happy!

Yes, it's a Monday and I got potatoes today! This morning however was all lemons.

Today started out with a lemon bang, turns out Hubby is away on business and we said our goodbyes, I got in my car and turned it on. It started, but something was off. Then the check engine light came on, and I said "Oh noooo!" After a 5 minute "discussion" about what car should be taken to the airport, I drove away in my Mami's car only to get to work and turn right back around. We decided that there was enough time to drop off the car at the dealership and then take him to the airport. We even had a little bit of time to head to McDonald's and have breakfast. It was nice, but by the time I got to work I was left asking, "Is it bedtime yet?"

I had a terrible headache as well, so it was not a good day at the office.

On a good note, I was able to get up and do my weights workout after a great nights sleep. Can't beat 6.5 hours of uninterrupted sleep I tell ya!

For lunch I had the above potato with some leftover broccoli and some nutrient-saving frozen veggies. I added some roast beef and some low-sodium chicken broth to the potato that keeps on giving. Can you believe it's from the leftovers I got on Saturday. The chicken broth was a great idea to add flavor and creaminess to the potato without having to resort to butter. All in all, a great meal.

I came home to some of my Mami's chile rellenos, they are absolutely scrumptiolicous. So good, they didn't stand a chance of me taking a picture of them. I'll have to post the recipe sometime.

I love it when my Mami stays home with me cause I get all sorts of yummy homemade meals. Oh the joy!

Here are the upcoming goals:

Day Goal Calories Fitness Workout
Monday 2000 Full Body Circuit
Tuesday 1800 40-min run
Wednesday 1800 Full Body Circuit
Thursday 2000 40-min run
Friday 1800 Yoga/pilates video
Saturday 2000 40-min run
Sunday 2000 REST REST REST