Wednesday, January 26, 2011

It’s the little things: mint!


Workout: 25 minutes full-body weights workout


I wish I had a friend who worked at Olive Garden so I could get a box of those chocolate mints every time I go. I love me some chocolate mints!

I was instantly intrigued when I caught sight of this little box as I was grocery shopping one day. I was hooked as soon as I got my first taste.

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Sadly, there were a couple of weeks where I couldn’t find these anywhere. Until, I found the value pack at Sam’s. Woo-hoo!!!

If you haven’t tried these and you like chocolate mint, you must! Whoever invented the choco+mint combo was a GENIUS in my book!

For dinner tonight I made rotini tossed with butternut squash, bacon, purple onions and sage with some chicken stock to blend all the flavors together.

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I got the idea from one of the blogs I follow, but I honestly can’t remember which one and am too tired to search for it – sorry! It’s probably better that I don’t mention it anyways, cause I didn’t really like it.

In all fairness, though, I didn’t follow the blog’s recipe. I have a spinach + bacon + chicken stock recipe that I used and I just substituted the squash. Plus, I added too much sage which overpowered everything. I’m not used to cooking with fresh herbs, I guess. I have no clue what goes with what. Oh well, better luck next time.

In keeping with the mint spirit, I decided to try a little oatmeal experiment for my late-night snack!

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I know the pictures are bad, I’ve been messing with the camera and something’s off. I need to go read the manual!

Anywhoo, I scored some dark-chocolate cocoa and some mint extract and decided to try it out on some oatmeal.

Mint-choco goodness minus all the guilt!

MyBlog 096

Aren’t my fuzzy pictures great?

I thought the Silk milk was going to be sweet enough, but I probably should have added a little bit of sugar to make it even taste more decadent!

Also, I think it tastes better chilled so I’ll have to plan ahead next time I make it.

Off to sleepy-land cause I have a hot date with my treadmill in the AM!

Many Blessigs!