Tuesday, January 4, 2011

I'm a gingerbread cookie monster!

That's right, that's me. An evil gingerbread cookie monster!

My friend brought me the most delicious gingerbread man this morning and that cookie never stood a chance, let me tell ya :D It's a good thing that today is my 2000 calorie day, cause it would have been a crime NOT to enjoy it.

On the Mommy front, last evening was not a good one.  My poor little munchkin was so tired when I got home that she ate and then napped for close to 2.5 hours.  I think she got used to me being home and wasn't happy with me going back, nor was I. When bedtime rolled around, she just wasn't having it. I could tell she was tired, really tired, it just took two hours to get her to finally sleep. I always feel so helpless in those situations so if any mommies read this and have any suggestions, please do share :)

On a good note, she did sleep the whole night and it's amazing what 6 hours of uninterrupted sleep will do for a gal :)

I was able to do my Insanity DVD and that felt great, even though I felt like a wimp at the end when I was trying to do the Level 1 drills - these are NOT my friends. The sweetest part about working out at home is that I have Dulci as my faithful sidekick - she's always there wagging her little tail as a sign of encouragement!

The day at work got even better after I bugged the heck out of my Hubby so that he and Brielle would drop by for a visit and he finally gave in. We ended up going to Einsteins for lunch and had one of the bagelthin sandwiches - delish! I couldn't pass up their coffee either, which I enjoyed with my gingerbread man after I got back to the office.

For dinner I was planning on making some savory crepes and I was so excited about it. Then I got home and realized you had to chill the batter for an hour and immediately went for Plan B: gourmet turkey & swiss sandwiches on rye bread with a side of fresh green beans. Plan B ain't always such a bad thing!

I may have to switch up my routine and do weights instead of running to spare my Hubby that extra 45 minutes of sleep he'll loose from hearing our treadmill.  We'll see I guess

Now I'm off to hide from any cookies that may be lurking around the corner, I wouldn't want a repeat of this morning... or would I???