Sunday, January 2, 2011

Sunny Days are Back


After three whole gloomy days in the Sun City, with snow mixed in, I’m glad my living room is filled with sunshine. Having the snow was wonderful surprise, though :)

The week was a good one, time spent with family and friends almost made me forget I go back to work tomorrow.  Boo! Why can’t I win the lotto? Maybe because I NEVER win anything. My brother, on the other hand, seems like he never met a raffle that didn’t like him! Oh well, that’s the way the dice rolled.

I have yet to workout this year, but boy did I feel like I did yesterday. I think watching a 7, 3 and <1 year olds while attempting to clean the oven will do that to you! My nephew and niece joined us yesterday and they are the cutest kids – I wish their energy was contagious or could be bottled up and taken every morning.

The funniest thing is watching Brielle just sit back and watch them go. They definitely keep her entertained! Even funnier is my dog Abacus wear himself out with all the commotion.

Nutrition C

The diet was ok, I got my veggies in and ate pretty well balanced meals. I could stand to do better with less sugary snacks!

Fitness C I got a couple of good runs in and even managed a 9:40 pace for 3 whole miles - that was AWESOME!
Reading B Thank goodness for my nook, I'm able to read at night while I'm nursing with no issues. I'm reading Col. Roosevelt and going to start a fiction book tomorrow. I'll keep you posted.
Writing C Getting better, I'm back to the Ol' blog. Baby steps people, baby steps!


So I’m off to get ready for church then off to by the groceries for the week. Then it’s time for relaxation, play and fun :) No more oven cleaning, either!

Many Blessings!