Saturday, January 29, 2011



That’s me, Glossy Glossy! After my run this morning!

2011-01-29 08.28.37

I’m not gonna post any, “Oh I just ran and I make running look so glamorous” type of pics.

Me + Running = as far away as you can get from glamorous!

I look bad.

But, I felt great because of this the oh so yummy coffee in my hand. I wish Circle K would read this and decide to sponsor me for something in return for all the love I'm givin them! I'd settle for a free coffee every once in a while. Today's flavor: hazelnut with caramel macchiato creamer. Yum!

I got up early, but still managed to get to the runner’s group at 6:39. 9 minutes too late, the runner’s are punctual people. So I started getting ready and two other runners were heading my way. We introduced each other and they took pity on me and let me tag along for the first 4 miles of their long run. I more than likely slowed them down, but I managed to run a nice 10 minute pace with them.

We somehow managed to chat and I learned that Deb was a nurse with 3 girls and one 26-year old boy. She did not look like she should be having a 26-year old. Tom was a recruiter for engineering positions and told me I should be running more than 7 miles if I was planning on running the half-marathon in March.

So they plotted and schemed and took me on an 8+ mile path and drumroll please…

2011-01-29 08.22.51

A great run, in great weather with great, motivating runners!

Thanks Deb and Tom for pushing me a little farther along!

It was a great route, too. The canals and farms in sunny weather were great!

Although, that last .37 was tough – my hips are still a little sore but at least I didn’t get that random pain that I was getting before!

The rest of the day involved a great breakfast. A biscotti may or may not have made an appearance – you be the judge.

I love eggs after runs, what about you guys?

2011-01-29 09.59.58







Breakfast was followed by a trip to Barnes and a great dinner.

Tomorrow: REST!

Hope everyone’s having a great weekend!

Many Blessings!


Kimberly said... Best Blogger Tips

I never look glamorous running. More like death. I might make more of an effort if Dunkin Donuts sponsored me - ha! I love an iced coffee after a run. And while a big fan of eggs, depending on the distance, they sometimes make my tummy yucky.

Enjoy your rest day!