Tuesday, February 1, 2011

I may be doomed!!!

Monday's Workout: None
Monday's Total Calories: 2100

Tuesday's Workout: 2.9 miles sprint workout on treadmill

Oh noooo!!!!! I seriously may be doomed. I am probably the most forgetful person you will EVER meet. You name it, I've probably lost it: phones, mp3 players, entire purses, books, lunches, lunch bags... The list goes on, I even posted about it here.

My Therapist Sarge husband, on the other hand, NEVER looses anything. NEVER.

So this weekend, we split up to go to two stores when I got a call from him letting me know that he forgot his bag at Barnes. I was shocked, but I can't lie - I was secretly doing a happy dance that NOW I had something to FINALLY hold over him! I know, I'm evil. Muahaha.

Ahh, but I laughed too soon. By the time I met up with him I realized that I must have dropped his bank card when I answered his phone call. Oh the irony!

Luckily, someone at Target was nice and returned it.

Now I'm scared though, because this article claims "Babies Can Cause Momnesia".

Momnesia, are you kidding me? It's a wonder I remember who I am every morning, seriously - you can't trust me with anything right now.

I know exercise helps with the stress, but what helps momnesia? Know of any good tips that may help me cure my forgetfulness?

On a separate note, I decided to add the calories consumed to my every day posts because I have not been eating the best. Sure, the veggies get in but so do some choco-chips which is not conducive to my overall goal. Maybe this will motivate me some more.

I'm also thinking about doing Weight Watchers, but I don't know how much it'll really add to my "diet". I know what I need to loose weight, but I just don't do it. Is $130 for a 12-week period a good investment or should I just try to do it on my own? Is it worth it to try to loose those last 8 pounds?

Have a great Tuesday :)

Many Blessings!