Sunday, February 6, 2011

Sunday Funday


Workout: 9 mile run in 1:36 minutes. 2 mile walk with the doggies :)

Calories: It’s Superbowl sunday and it’s against the law to count them today!!!

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Seriously, how do long distance runners do it? My gosh, I’m walking like a 9 month old pregnant lady – two weeks overdue. My lower back and legs are killing me. Do runners get used to this pain?

I know icing is supposed to help, but I can’t imagine doing long runs more than once a week.

I almost didn’t get out and run today, either, but I made myself get out that door. The first four miles were awesome, a 10 minute pace for me. Then came the gu and mile 5 – not so awesome. The next 2 miles were painful and slow. Then I noticed the breathing was ok, so I tried to push myself the next 2 and they went a little faster.

I still haven’t figured out my Garmin so I don’t have the split times. I just know I finished and was so glad to do so. I just wish I was immune to lower back pain.

In other healthy news I realized that I’ve fallen off the diet wagon. It probably happened a couple of weeks ago, probably when I tried on my goal jeans and found that they were feeling a little better. I started getting a little lax, boo me!

Today I’m trying to eat a little better. Hence the following:

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I got the veggies in and you can bet your booty I had some boneless chicken wings, Doritos, Tostitos and homemade oatmeal cookies. Yay for the Super Bowl.

The doggies got their treats!

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Dulci wasn’t interested much, though.

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Tomorrow, the healthy eating must resume!!

It turns out EP is under a water-conservation advisory and school will be cancelled one more day. It looks like I’m indebted to the Snowpocalypse for the 4-day vacation.

On a serious note, I need to make a stash in case of emergencies. Are you all prepared, got any good tips?

Many Blessings!


Kimberly said... Best Blogger Tips

Hooray for your run! I found that compression socks did wonders for me. I put 'em on after a long run and wore them throughout the day. I have Recovery Socks but there's also zensah and CEP.

cynthiasolc said... Best Blogger Tips

I'm going to have to try those out, pronto!