Thursday, February 10, 2011

Natter Thursdays

Workout: Rest day (if you consider running around like a crazy woman rest)

Calories: 1850

Me: Do you know what natter means?

Richard: No.

The End.

Turns out I learned a new word today: natter. I was trying to make a cool-sounding post name other than “Random Conversation” and a synonym search for conversation turned it up.

It can be used in sentences like “I tend to natter on about way too many things.” It turns out it’s also the missing link between Facebook and Twitter. I’m  not cool enough to Twitter so it’s the first I ever heard of it.

This is the first time I get to sit and relax today and it’s 9:30 as I write this. I’ve been up since 4:45 and only had one cup o’joe. I ate really well and was proud because I’ve turned down sweet bread, a sausage McMuffin, ice cream and tamales at work. It hasn’t been easy, FP(fistpump)!

Brielle’s first day at daycare went as well as it could go. The people that are watching after her are really sweet and they jot down everything she does so I can get an idea of how she’s doing.

My Bebe is growing up too fast! I keep telling her to get back in my belly, but she’s way too big now. Can you believe this was only 6 months ago?

Baby_Shower 026

Can you believe it’s February now?

I have to be really organized in order to get to work on time and I’m just afraid the momnesia is going to strike at any minute. Oh the horror. I’m hoping that a nice, neat checklist will help me avoid all that.

As far as my back is concerned, it has been feeling better, which is great. I plan on lifting weights and adding some core workouts to help out with the back. I may even try that online Yogaglo thing, we’ll see if I can sign up right now.

I’m also planning on running on Saturday, I really like the running group and I figure I’ll just really listen to my body and stop at the first sign of anything.

I’m too tired to proofread so sorry about any typos. I’m off to relax :)

Many Blessings!