Saturday, February 12, 2011

Snapshot Saturday(s)

Workout: none :(Wimped out on a run cause of my back)

Calories: Is it legal to count them on Saturdays? I say no :)

Today was a fun, beautiful day in the old Southwest, USA!

Here’s some “snapshots” of how it went.


MyBlog 027

First taste of sweet peas for my sweet pea :)

MyBlog 028 MyBlog 029

The doggies, snooping around or waiting to pounce on any flying scraps – you decide.

MyBlog 030 

The sweet pea aftermath :)

MyBlog 031 

Snoopin’ for some kisses!

MyBlog 032 

Picked up a magazine for a short road trip to Silver City, NM.

MyBlog 033 

Also grabbed some hazelnut coffee from Pilot, they claim to have the best convenience store coffee in town

MyBlog 037 

Smoke can fly, 29 ft is his record. Holy Smokes (get it, bad pun) He credits it to his daily yoga practice. What? Yoga for doggies? Sign me up!

MyBlog 038 

Chocolate Fantasia :) Turns out you needed to preorder tickets :(

MyBlog 039 

Our consolation price was a pic with the Umpa Lumpas and some regular dark chocolate bars.

Apparently, Walgreens carries green hairspray all year round. Who knew?

MyBlog 041 

Historic Downtown Silver City, NM.

Elevation ~6000 ft.

Population: ~10000.

Thanks Wikipedia for all the information you provide.

Another random piece of information: What is the point of wearing a tie?

Straight from reddit: Because the French say it's classy dammit!

MyBlog 042 

A doggie-friendly city :)

MyBlog 043 

MyBlog 044 

Shut up and train! Luv it :)

MyBlog 047 

These people think of everything, doggie wine bags?

MyBlog 048 

The Sarge, trying not to smile :)

MyBlog 049 

Waiting for someone to acknowledge us, we were hungry and they were packed!

MyBlog 050 

This pizza was worth the wait :)

MyBlog 051 MyBlog 052

The meat and cheese platter was delish! We asked a local for a recommendation and he knew his stuff, Diane’s was great!

MyBlog 053 MyBlog 054

A puppet parade for the kiddos. Austin is not the only weird city in the South!

MyBlog 055 

A doggie who is by far more stylish than moi!

MyBlog 056 

This was GOOD!!! A choco-cheese cupcake at Diane’s bakery.

The Diane’s in Silver City know their stuff!

MyBlog 057 

Free chocolate samples. Score!!!

MyBlog 058

Momnesia is driving me a coocoo. I spent more than 30 minutes searching for this little goody bag when we got home. Finally found it hidden in the car seat. Argghh!!

MyBlog 059

Richard picked out the little sea shell earrings from the ladies who knew how to accessorize their doggie :) They kind of remind me of ice cream cones. One track mind, I tell ya.

A fun V-day celebration, but next time I will pre-order those tickets!

What was your Saturday like?

Many Blessings!