Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Wacky Wednesdays

Workout: 30 min interval workout on tredmill

Calories: 2050

Looky what we have here:

I was laughing so hard after I saw the Sue Sylvester fist pump. Mine just pales in comparison, I'm afraid.

BTW, I'm a total Gleek. Last night's episodes was one of my favorites. The only thing I kept thinking was that Fox does it to me again. I was always Team Brenda over Team Kelly on 90210, now I'm Team Rachel and it's not looking so good for her right now. Oh well.

Did I totally date myself just now by referencing the original 90210? What team where you on back then?

On to some not so great news. I may not be able to run the half-marathon next month. I seriously need to take it easy the next couple of weeks because of my lower back pain is bad. It all started about a month ago, but I thought I got it under control until last week's drive to Phoenix. The long run on Sunday didn't help either. Now it hurts when I get up from the couch, try to pick something up from the floor and worst of all, slight tingling in my right leg during this morning's run.

Oh no, I'm old. I searched around and read some articles like this. I realized that as much as it's a let-down to not run the half, my back will greatly love me for it.

So the plan is to take it easy for the next couple of weeks and if things don't get better, to the doctor I must go!

Fist pump, fist pump, fist pump!!!

How do you handle frustrating injuries like this?

Off to worry some more cause it's my Bebe's first day at day care, I'm going a coo-coo for coco puffs!!!

Many Blessings