Friday, February 11, 2011

Foodie Friday

Workout: 20 minutes online yoga

Calories: 2050

I signed up for the free trial last night (memorizing your credit card number could be a bad bad thing).

I set it up to go this morning and I tried the Hatha Core Strengthening Practice. What caught my eye in the description was the following line:

you'll examine how your feet, legs and abdominals work together to create greater strength, integration and depth in all of your poses.

I was so looking forward to it, but Brielle had other plans. She wanted to hang out from 4-5:15 and that’s what we did. I did manage to get 25 minutes in and I was really impressed. I got the studio feeling and more importantly, I realized just how much of a connection there is between my severely flat feet and my lower back.

I am definitely looking forward to trying the full classes!

On the nutrition front, I decided making Friday’s a Foodie version of sorts. I figure my bad eating happens to start on Friday’s and I want to break that cycle.

I figure if I post my eats for the day, then maybe I’ll be encouraged to eat a little better. It is most important this week because we’re going to a Chocolate Festival in Silver City, NM. I may be in Heaven tomorrow!!!

Let’s see if Foodie Fridays encourage me any? Any thoughts on curving those weekend cravings?

This morning was going to start with an egg & cheese sandwich on whole-wheat tortilla.

That was scrapped because it tore through the napkin and fell to the grimy floor at work and had to be tossed out. I did consider the 10 second rule, until I saw a dead cockroach a mere 2 feet away. Yuck!

Luckily I was able to score a replacement one, sans the whole-wheat tortilla from the cafeteria upstairs.

I was halfway through my salad before I remembered to take a pic. I tried the Smoked Salmon packets and was pleasantly surprised :)

For dinner, we headed to the Tote – the Taco Tote.

I may be addicted to potatoes, and the Taco Tote gets me a great fix.

We were both craving a little something sweet for dessert and managed to swing by McDonalds for some ice cream cone action. Yum yum.

I’m still trying to decide whether to run tomorrow or not. The back’s been getting better, but still hurts from time to time. My feet are really hurting too.

Ahhhh, I wanna go run so much. Booo!

I’m off to be a baby and sulk for the rest of the night trying to decide what to do.

Many Blessings ad have a great weekend!!!


Kimberly said... Best Blogger Tips

I'm interested in this online yoga ... I hope you write more about it!

And McD ice cream cones are a fave of mine. 150 calories and absolutely delicious!