Monday, February 28, 2011

Case of the Mondays: Jeans

Workout: None :(

Calories: 2000

Howdy Bloggies!

I feel like I got some street-cred for being mentioned on Woo-hoo! Thanks Cely!

FYI, I’m a little dorky, always sleep deprived and nowhere near as funny as Cely so do me a favor and keep your expectations low, very very low if you decide to read this post!

Don’t you hate it when you start the week off without a good run? Boo! I had every intention to get up and do some yoga, but the hubby woke us up at 4 to catch a 7 am fight and things just went down from there. It didn’t help that my bebe woke up sometime around 2 and I didn’t put her back in her crib until 3:45 – 15 minutes before the alarm bell. Argghh!

Oh well, I’m planning a treadmill run tomorrow morning and I can’t wait to get back on track.

On to my jeans - today’s SkinnyRunner blog on vanity sizing was great and confirmed that the jean company has got my number, literally.

Did I just make a pun? No? Oh well, I tried.

After 6 months of trying to be healthy as I dropped the pregnancy weight, I finally fit into my goal jeans. Those would be the ones on the left – Guess size 29. It’s been over 1.5 years that I could fit in these babies that have been with me since ‘04.

I was on a jean-high this weekend! I was also able to wear my Gap size 6 jeans (circa 2004) , it felt like I have access to a whole new side of my closet that’s been oh so off-limits to me!

I was riding so high that we went to Dillard’s and found these Big Star jeans (also size 29) and I fell in love with them. They fit great and I just had to have them.

Later on that day, I had to go buy a birthday gift at Kohls and found the Angel one’s on the right. I loved the fit and the style, but what tipped the scale was the fact that they were a size 7. That’s right folks, I bought the jeans cause they were a size 7 and they fit great.

I’m so vain, I probably think this blog is about me.

Oh so vain…

Call it what you will, fitting into my old jeans is the best indicator that I’m on the right track with my fitness and my nutrition. I just wish the sizing was more standardized cause I can probably range anywhere from a 4 to a 10 just depending on the brand.

Do the jean companies have your number too? I try not to be focused on a number but it’s so hard not to, how do you all deal with it?

Off to chillax!

Many Blessings :)