Friday, February 4, 2011

Random Conv: The Sedan Edition!


Thursday Workout: worst treadmill run 40 minutes ~3.5 miles.

Thursday Calories: ~2000

Friday Workout: None

Friday Calories:~2100 :(


Richard: Hi, may I speak with Larry (our neighbor- he’s awesome)

Rosalinda (our other awesome neighbor): What, why do you want to talk to him.

Richard: Hi, may I speak to Larry, your husband.

Rosalinda: My husband, what? Why are you calling him my husband?

Richard: It’s Richard, your neighbor. I wanted to talk to your husband.

Rosalinda: Oh. Richard. You sound just like Brian, our son…

That was last night at Italian Pizza Kitchen in good ‘ol Phoenix. It was a strange day.

I had a terrible run on the treadmill, the only saving grace was that I did it. I started breakfast and got to talking. Decided we should head to Phoenix to look at a car that we were thinking of buying. Two coupe loving 30-somethings were considering a sedan. T’was a sad sad day.

We left Brielle with my mom and drove off at 9:30. Got to the dealer at 2:30. Found out no work tomorrow either – three days off due to inclement weather. Score!

Drove out at 7:30 with our new car and headed to California Pizza Kitchen. I kept freaking out all day, it was the longest I’d been away from my bebe and it was TOUGH.

We got through it, got some Carrot Cake Cheesecake straight from the Factory drove back and got home around 8:30 today. I’m so so tired!

It was such an unexpected but nice trip with my hubby. All part of my evil plan to get him in a minivan by the end of the year. Muahaha!

Do you guys have any evil plans for your significant others? Muahaha!

I had planned on running 9 miles tomorrow, but it maybe too cold for this wimp. Plus, my lower back hurts. Boo.

We’ll see how it goes.

BTW, I’m loving the new wheels but are you crazy to drive 12 hours in one day just for a good deal?

Many Blessings!