Thursday, February 17, 2011

Natter Thursdays: Ouch!

Workout: None

Calories: 2100

Me: Look friend, I decided not to dress like a college student today!

Friend: LOL, that's hilarious. I know, we should have recommended you for that show on how to dress your age. ([Something, something something.)..dressed...middle school...

Me: Ouch

I mean, I love me my Nike sneaks at work, but middle school? Really? I'm that bad to be nominated for "What Not to Wear"? Ouch!

In all honesty, I really thought this was more funny than not - but it still stung a little.

I asked one of my friends if I was that bad and she said not to worry - she would have told me if I was.

Oh well, I guess I'm going to try to look more professional. Middle school, really?

I didn't work out today cause my Bebe has the crud :( She kept waking up last night and I took her in to her Pediatrician today. Apparently, it required a shot, medicine every 6 hours and a humidifier to help her breathe better. She's also sleeping in her bouncy chair cause my friend told me sleeping at an incline helps. Who knew?

The saddest thing is watching her cry her little heart out and not being able to do anything to calm her down. I feel helpless.

I was almost not going to write, but I have to work for maintenance night and I'm waiting on a script to finish. Doesn't that sound like fun?

Back to work :(

Many Blessings,