Sunday, February 13, 2011

Scoreboard Sunday

Workout: 2.64 mile run with a non-cooperative lab!

Calories: 2100

I think I must have the one Labrador who isn’t drooling at the mouth to go for a nice run. I should get extra workout points just for getting my Abacus out the door.

FM 009

Look at that face! He’s 4 years old but acts like a 1-year old lab. Gotta love him :)

I probably should have waited some more to run, I just wanted to see how my back felt. The verdict, so so. I think it’s been the two road-trips that have really hurt my back.

I’m going to keep trying to take it easy and hopefully the yoga will help, so I’m adding it 3 times this week. I’m going to do the and I’ll write more about my experience with the whole online yoga thing.

This will be short and sweet cause I need to go sleepies! I’m tired and prepping for the upcoming week always gets me tired!

Here are my goals for this week:

Day Goal Calories Workout
Monday 1800 Yoga
Tuesday 2000 Intervals Run & Weights
Wednesday 1800 Yoga
Thursday 2000 Hills Run & Weights
Friday 1800 Yoga
Saturday 2000 Long run?
Sunday 2000 Rest


Let’s see if I can reach my goals this week :) What are your goals!

Hope you don’t get a case of the Mondays tomorrow. My case is probably a given ;)

Many Blessings!