Thursday, February 24, 2011

A Little Less Natter

Workout: 40 min Vinyasa Yoga

Calories: 2000

Me: Doesn’t this recipe look good.

Hubby: Not really, I guess.

Me: It’s a Rachel Ray recipe.

Hubby: Oh then, it must be good.

In my Hubby’s eyes, Rachel Ray can do no wrong. All I have to do to take an ok recipe from meh to YUM, is say her name.

He even told me about her FHM spread and let me just tell ya that it totally shocked me. She’s so wholesome, I can barely believe she’d sign up for this type of spread.

Would you guys ever do something like this? I think I’d be mortified, seriously!

After 4 awful days battling this stomach virus, I’m finally back to healthy living. Yay :)

I actually had to get an IV drip on Tuesday and some Imodium for the “fun stuff”, which meant no breastfeeding for 24 hours. Misery on top of misery ‘twas. My poor bebe was NOT having it, let me tell ya! She cried, then cried some more, then cried a little bit more. Somehow, we made it through :)

I’ve been living on one can a day of this:

Why is it that when I’m sick all I want to eat is Campbell’s Chicken with Rice soup and crackers? I wonder how it could possibly be good for you? If I’m sick, however, it is the only thing that I can make myself eat. Do you guys try to eat healthy when your sick?

Today was the first day I felt like exercising and it was my last day of the 14-day trial period at I have to tell ya, I’m hooked and I’m going to renew the subscription this month!

I wanna be a Yogi :)

I’m also looking forward to tomorrow morning’s run, I can’t wait. It’s funny how being out of commission will have you wishing you were out there already.

On that note, off to get my AI fix.

Many Blessings!


Kimberly said... Best Blogger Tips

Oh no! I hope you are 100% soon!

When I'm sick, I don't worry about eating healthy per se but I don't gorge on shakes either. I usually live on Mrs. Grass Noodle Soup and wheat toast.