Tuesday, February 8, 2011

It’s the little things: fist pumps!

Workout: 40 minute upper body weights circuit.

Calories: 2000

This is a fist pump.

MyBlog 014

Please try to ignore the mom-hair. I know wait, you can’t look away. My bangs are that bad.

Doesn’t my fist pump look huge, too. Go me!

The guys at work are always trying to get me to do a real fist-pump. The angry “Why I oughta” type of fist pump. I always end up laughing.

Can anyone teach me how to do a real fist pump?

At Texas A&M, I was in the Corps of Cadets for 1 brief semester (I failed miserably and had to get out of the Corps, but that’s another story.) They used to have us work on our angry-mean faces. All the upper classmen would get mad at me and just tell me “stop squinting.”

I digress.

Today was a go-me type of day and the fist pump was called on A LOT to fight all those evil food temptations. I had to turn down that second cup o’joe, the leftover chips and salsa, the chocolate chips after dinner. Go fist pump, go!

Off to enjoy the rest of Glee (hilarious so far BTW) and some time with this little lady!

MyBlog 022

Many Blessings!


Kimberly said... Best Blogger Tips

You look so hardcore! Rock on!

cynthiasolc said... Best Blogger Tips

LOL, thanks! Can a geek be hardcore, though?