Saturday, January 22, 2011

Ciocolatti - nuf said!

Today was grrrreat!!!

Brielle slept through the night, which really means she slept til 4:30ish but I'll take what I can get.

I was going to try and make it to a group run that meets around 6:30 in the am, but I slept in a little later. I got up around 7 and was out the door by 7:15. Off to run 6 miles in great weather. I planned ahead and chose a good route cause by mile 2, I ran into this:

and felt a million times better. I'm so glad I'm a quick leaerner!

I think I may need to go there more often as a payback for all they've given me!

The hour went by in a flash, although I got a little tired around mile 6 but I was just so happy to be out there. I'm thinking of running a half-marathon in March, but I haven't signed up yet. I'm just going to keep increasing mileage each week and see how that goes. The Hubby might also run with me. He's a good runner, but he's never ran a long distance race - partly because he gets bored with long runs. I told him he could always run it at my pace and he'd for sure finish. We'll see what he decides

I got some new running shoes, but I still get the leg-to-hip pain from time to time. I just don't know if there's something wrong with my stride or if I just need to stretch more. Any ideas all you experience runners?

Have a great Sunday & Many Blessings!


Kimberly said... Best Blogger Tips

A half marathon? Fun!

I've never had hip problems when running so I'm of no help. I would hit up the running store and see if maybe someone there has a good suggestion.