Tuesday, January 11, 2011

It’s the little things!


I think Tuesdays are the perfect day of the week to commemorate the little things that make this life great. Today’s edition comes courtesy of my Mami, the best house guest EVER!!!

MyBlog 046

Not only does she take care of my little Munchkincita when I’m away at work, but she also manages to take care of me after I come home :)


MyBlog 044

My Mami’s version of Chicken Soup is mega chunky and very brothy. I love it! The cilantro on top gives it so much flavor, can I have seconds??? Like, right now???

All in all, a good day :)

The workout included a 35-minute stint on treadmill with 3.5 total miles. I walked minutes 30-32, but then ended up strong which is so empowering! I know, I’m a slow-poke!

Here’s a graph-version of the workout, mainly for my convenience. Tomorrow I’m going to put up a hill workout and these graphs make it so much more convenient to follow for me.


The nutrition part was all good, up until I had unlimited access to those candied pecans! It wasn’t too bad, but I can tell you I definitely didn’t come in under 1800! Probably more like 2100, but tomorrow is another day and hopefully a better one on that front.

Now it’s time for some mimis, sweet dreams and many blessings!