Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Little Things: July???

Workout: 15 minute hot-legs workout + 15 minute no crunch ab exercises + 2 mile run

I so did not want to get up this morning. Seriously!

The alarm kept ringing from the bathroom before I lied to myself and told me to get up, go turn it off and come right back to bed. After all, everyone knows you need extra sleep the day after a 3-day weekend, right?

Lying to myself might not be such a bad thing after all!

After using the ladies room and jumping on the scale, I knew I had to work it out. I'm sure I can blame those pesky 2-3 pounds on water weight, but they've been sticking around since my San Diego trip and they need to go! ASAP!

The thing is, all my clothes have been fitting the same. I've even made it a point to wear my "marker" clothes and they all fit fine, so I've just been doing my own thing on the exercise front, but I think I've been major slacking on the calorie front, as evidenced by my Workplace Sabotage post.

So I was thinking and I decided today is a day of re-commitment to my healthy-living goals! Since when is it July already? Really?

I think (or hope) it helps that I have some of the following events on my calendar:
  1. RC's co-worker wedding/LBD-wearing occasion: t - 2 weeks
  2. My BBs swimclass/swimsuit-wearing in public (yikes) occasion: t - 4 weeks
  3. Las Vegas trip/swimsuit + shopping(yikes x2): t - 5 weeks
  4. 15 year reunion: t - 3 months (Yes, I'm old!)
I know it's a little vain, but I want to look and feel good for all of the above. 

Sidenote 1: My high school is geeky enough to have a 15 year reunion and I'm going! I think it's so much fun to go see old friends and how everyone turned out, RC thinks I'm crazy for this. How do ya'll feel about reunions.

Sidenote 2: Yes, I'm from TX and I have a license to the the ya'll thing!

Back to my July goals, I'm going to take measurements and make this more of a toning/eating healthy goal, so here they are:

  • Try to be a more mindful eater :)
  • myfitnesspal.com: submit entries for the remainder of July - including weekends. (They have a report feature that I haven't played with so I'll try to post that every week)
  • workouts: 6x week (mix of cardio, weights + yoga)
  • nix the sugar: I'm starting a sugar-free @ work + weekdays rule. Treats will be ok during the weekend, we shall see!
Trying to keep it simple!

What are your July goals?

Today I made a conscious decision to put the Doritos back in the bag - yes, it's possible! I didn't make dinner and wanted something crunchy with my healthy panini sandwich, but I felt guilty so I just put them back. Instead, I took some of my BB's veggie chips.

They were actually quite good! (Too tired to rotate :()

Plus the stats aren't too shabby!

Know of any random "substitution" snacks that are actually healthy?