Friday, April 17, 2015

7QT Fridays: The Miraculous Chapel and a triathlon!

God Love You! 
--- 1 ---

We went to visit the Loretto Chapel and, yes - that staircase is miraculous. Thanks be to God!

--- 2 ---
I am running Mighty Mujer Triathlon and feeling so under-prepared. My goal is to finish. If you can, say a quick prayer that my bike doesn't get a flat.

-- 3 ---
BB: Dad, that's a poo-poo color.
Dad: Yes, that is a poo-poo color (looking at my olive cardigan).
BB: No, dad your shirt is a poo-poo color.
--- 4 ---
BBC: We hung a Rosary with his initials at the Loretto Chapel.

--- 5 ---
NCC: Has started clapping!
--- 6 ---

Sugar, the bitter truth - it's a really good video on how sugar may be evil!

--- 7 ---

Yes, He does! Thanks be to God.

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A Dios!