Thursday, April 23, 2015

7QTF: Best part of the day!

God Love You! 
--- 1 ---

The best part of my day, is definitely not the waking up part. I guess it would have to be when all the family is home and we are just sitting on the carpet, talking. I love that time of day. Although, there is something just so beautiful about the quiet prayer time, that time of surrender and solitude to Our Lord - not to shabby!

--- 2 ---

I finished, I finished and yes I finished the Mighty Mujer Triathlon - thanks be to God! Plus, I wasn't last so that was a plus. It was so much fun and all the women and volunteers were just wonderful to be around. They write your age on one leg and I was amazed at some 50+ and even a 60+ woman. Get up and move those bodies, I tell ya!.

So grateful for my babies!
-- 3 ---

BB: Why did you make me go through the back door? (at school)
Me: Because I didn't know you weren't supposed to go through that door to get to school.
BB: But why?
Me: I'm sorry munchkin, tell your teacher it will not happen again!

--- 4 ---

BBC: BB: Mommy, I saw BBC's hummingbird!

--- 5 ---
NCC: Attack of the allergies has started! Plus, he is such a fan of my hair in ponytails, he laughs each time I flick him with it - it's too much!
--- 6 ---

The best part of this dog's day is just plain awesome!

--- 7 ---

I tried to understand this controversial theory, The Holographic Universe, it was a little (okay a lot) over my head but it is such an interesting take. What are your thoughts on that Infinite I?

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A Dios!