Monday, July 20, 2015

MAM: John 21


God Love You!

So, awkward right? How do you explain these unexplained blog absences? You don't, you can't. I can't believe it's been 3 months, but it has. There have all kinds of things going on over at mi casa, not to mention the world!

I've been trying and failing miserably to carve out some quiet time with Our Lord in the mornings. I am not and have ever been a morning person. My parents have this famous line, "she's not in the mood." I can get down right mean sometimes. I believe BB has inherited this little trait, so I steer clear.

Well, tonight I finally got to read John 21, after having this post in draft mode for about 3 months, or a blink of an eye. What stuck out for me was the call to "Follow me". I pray for that grace always. It's so easy, yet I somehow manage to get in my own way. "Follow me."

In the episode below, Mother Angelica talks about how people willingly choose to die for a living God. We live in a world where out of sight is out of mind, but these people do not die for a memory, but to imitate Jesus, son of the Most High God.

There are so many things in that little chapter that I would have just glanced over. Mother Angelica casts a new light on them, she talks about how the disciples were obedient by dropping the net, even when reason says not too.

She points out that John recognized Our Lord first, although everyone loved him, and asks us if we are able to recognize Him. She asks us if we recognize the miracles in our life, the miracle of life and old age.

She asks us if we realize what a gift it is to enjoy nature.What a gift to even get out of bed in the morning. The gifts of having a job or a family. The gift of time to keep us in existence to do the things we need to do. Do we recognize those gifts?

She also asks us to be humble, obedient and honest with ourselves when we commit a sin. She challenges us to choose forgiveness over harboring any anger in our hearts. It's a beautiful message, and she delivers it in a most entertaining way. I hope you enjoy it!